He is forgetting that we now have new laws in place that can easily describe him as Our cyber bullying activist 😂😂 Tefintu

He has become to over familiar with our Republican President, he is not in your League.

Just a few days ago, he was busy accusing the Political Advisor to the President Dr. Zuba as the one who was behind Kalimanshi and that has not attracted any attention or created too much publico attention, he had to advance his gears, by dragging in the Republican President.

If we may ask, what value does Inno brings to his Excellence President Lungu, nothing Politically on the table. In 2016, innocent Kalimanshi is on record to have vowed to bring down Edgar Lungu and replace him in state house with HH.

But we won with Innocent Kalimanshi, so even in 2021 this President you want associate with Kalimanshi is not your level, I have heard a lot of people who have been claiming that they are the ones that made Edgar Lungu win in 2015, 2016 people like now the OVERFAMILIAR Tayali, even photographer Tukuta , Innocent Kalimanshi himself. Just to cut the story short, the President has no time for petty bus station and Facebook politics, he has the 18,000,000 Zambians to think about.

It is very unfortunate that Tayali had to get this low of accusing our President to be one behind Kalimanshi who is not even officially recognized by our Secretariat as one of us.

In life it is very important to always maintain your lane, at times people like Tayali ( ba musungwa na Lesa) not only surprises us but in most instances just confuses us, because they love too much to be in the spotlight for nothing, the love the business of taking risks into their quarters, which at most times backfires when it comes to deal with innocent people like our President One Edgar CHAGWA Lungu.

Yet a few days ago Tayali was laughing at Mbita Nawa and described his case as a very simple and straightforward case. But his much more simpler because, he is the one defaming the President with his own lips and mouth.
By Musonda Mukondo Erasmus


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