Belgrade protests escalate: Tear gas, arrests amid election fraud allegations

Serbia protests, Anti-government demonstrators try to storm Belgrade city hall

Belgrade police dispersed protesters with tear gas amid claims of electoral fraud.

Clashes erupted as demonstrators tried to storm city hall, leading to window smashing.

Opposition accuses police of heavy-handed tactics during Sunday’s protests.

Allegations of election rigging by the ruling party were dismissed by President Vucic.

Green-Left Front’s Radomir Lazovic alleges police brutality, including beatings.

Over 30 arrests were made, with eight officers injured, says Police Chief Ivica Ivkovic.

Ivkovic warns arrests might increase, citing attempts to disrupt Serbia’s constitutional order.

Violent protests break out following a series of peaceful post-election demonstrations.

Serbia Against Violence coalition members attempted city hall entry, faced police resistance.

Opposition suspects instigators in the crowd led to escalated police response.

Lawyer Sofija Mandic urges President Vucic to relinquish power, accusing the government of power abuse.

Protesters allege the government orchestrated the influx of thousands to manipulate Belgrade’s city election results, demanding a re-run. Despite irregularities reported by observers, President Vucic’s party retained parliamentary power. Accusations include ballot box tampering and vote purchasing. In a Sunday address, Vucic attributed the unrest to foreign interference.

“Those who swore to fight against violence just confirmed once again that they are the real thugs,” Mr Vucic said.

The opposition aimed to thwart the ruling party’s majority and secure control of Belgrade, but official results, immediately contested as fraudulent, revealed their failure to achieve either objective.

In response, they initiated daily protests, with seven opposition figures resorting to a hunger strike. Marinika Tepic, one of the hunger strikers, accused Vucic of stealing thousands of votes during Sunday’s protest.

The electoral commission announced a re-run in about 30 polling stations out of 8,000 nationwide on Wednesday.

Germany criticized the electoral misconduct allegations, deeming them “unacceptable” for a country aspiring to join the EU.


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