Bemba Royal Establishment Disapproves Unlawful Use of Chitimukulu’s Image in Political Messaging


The Bemba Royal Establishment (BRE) has strongly condemned the unauthorized use of the image of Paramount Chief Chitimukulu in a political message, expressing dismay at what it considers a disrespectful and malicious act.

In response to an article from the Kola Foundation, published online, the BRE expressed its concern over the appropriation of the image of Mwine-lubemba, Chitimukulu Kanyanta-Manga the second, in a political context. The foundation had called for a meeting of all descendants of Kola to discuss strategies for protecting their purportedly threatened existence in Zambia.

The BRE clarified that neither the author of the article nor the Kola Foundation had the authority to use the image of Mwine-lubemba in their message. The establishment highlighted that the message, issued by Mr. Patrick Bwalya Mukuka, an agent of the Kola Foundation, included a photograph of Mwine-lubemba Chitimukulu Kanyanta-Manga the second, creating a false impression that the Chitimukulu endorsed the message, which was not the case.

In a statement released to ZANIS in Kasama today, Ukusefya Pa Ng’wena Secretary, Richard Mukuka, stated that such actions are not only in bad taste but also a deliberate attack on the nobility and honor of the Bemba Royal Establishment.

The BRE affirmed the constitutional right of the Bemba-speaking people to engage in political activism and identify themselves as Bemba, but strongly emphasized the need to refrain from involving traditional leaders in political calls.

“The constitution of Zambia (see 2016, Part 12, Articles 165–172), which we ourselves have fashioned, does not allow us to recruit our kings and queens in our political activism,” the statement read.

The establishment urged Bemba individuals and all Zambians to exercise prudence, good judgment, and care when exercising their constitutional rights, emphasizing the importance of respecting the cultural and traditional significance of the royal establishment.

As the custodians of Bemba culture and tradition, the BRE emphasized its commitment to upholding the dignity and respect associated with the Bemba monarchy, urging all citizens to contribute to maintaining the cultural integrity of Zambia.


  1. Brother Patrick Bwalya Mukuka you are wasting your time trying to group bembas politically. It has never worked politically. You can use Kola foundation for any gatherings but immediately you align it to a political survival you are doomed. Bembas are strong survivers who don’t cowardly use the tribe for progress as an individual or in groups. They just go for what they want regardless of the tribe associating with as long as a bemba gets results of his works t to a bemba tribal identify is not an issue. Just do your survey or research. Bembas are so Liberal that they moved and settled around all parts of Zambia with no worry. Ba Patrick B. Mukuka mwachape sana to bring bembas together in such a manner. How many times was Kambwili arrested by Lungu??? My tribe is far bigger than Kambwili. If great men like Simon Kapwepwe died mysterious but bembas never revolted who is Kambwili? Great men like Bishop Elias Mutale died in suspected road accident we never revolted who is Kambwili in political arena surviving on Late Micheal Sata’s legacy.
    ONLY COWARDS AND FRIGHTENED PEOPLE USE Um ETHNIC OR REGIONAL OR TRIBAL IDENTITY FOR SURVIVAL Real fighters fight for the Right things without using tribal groupings. P.B.mukuka wachape ukutukolonganika for your political survive.

  2. LK
    Thank you baCM for speaking like a true fearless Bemba who loves this country and all the numerous other tribes and is not afraid to live amongst other tribes in peace.Tribal politics destroys countries.There are many examples around us.Have the initiators of this
    meeting/ foundation and other such groupings heard of “Divide and Rule”.That’s how Africa and elsewhere were colonized and remain poor under both Western AND Eastern control even today.

  3. Good response my brother, there are other prominent people we lost in un clear circumstances like Ronald Penza, Paul Tembo, Baldwin Nkumbula, Wezi Kaunda etc and people never protested, is Kambwili more human than all those late people?


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