Last night around 23:45hrs, a group of illiterate cowards who introduced themselves as PF cadres attacked and roughed me up as I walked to the car park at Government Complex where I had been attending the premiere of Black Dollar movie. It all started with one of them saying “Mwana Obama, tushileko impiya opo taulaya” (“Obama’s son, give us some money before you go”). When I said I didn’t have money to give them, one of them shouted “Atase iwe! Tupele indalama endesha” (Don’t be stupid, hurry up and give us money”). So I said “Guys, today I don’t have money to give you. I’ll give you next time.” Then the ringleader said “walitumpa sana iwe, teti uletutana impiya elo ninshi ulatukana intungulushi kateka wesu” (“You are very stupid, you can’t refuse to give us money when you have been insulting our leader, the President”). Then they began slapping and kicking me.

A friend who witnessed what was happening quickly informed security personnel from a named security company who came to my rescue. As the security personnel were protecting me, the thugs shouted “Kwashala umunobe Pilato. Tukamuponona ngefyo twakuponona” (“Next is your friend Pilato. Tell him we are going to beat him up just like we have beaten you up”).

Fellow citizens, we have to defend our democracy. Our country is being destroyed by the culture of cadreism which is being tolerated and condoned by our leaders. If government was able to ban dangerous alcoholic beverages like “utujilijili”, what would stop leaders from banning the hooliganism and criminality being perpetuated by cadres who claim to be doing things in the name of government?

We are living in a time where leaders threaten youth by saying “You are too naked to misbehave” because you disagree with the ill-treatment of Zambian workers by foreign employers. Police stations are being attacked by cadres, parliament is failing to censure parliamentarians who lie on the floor of the house, media houses are shut down for airing truth.


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