Biden receives Kennedy family endorsements


US President Joe Biden will get support from at least 15 members of the Kennedy political family at a event in Philadelphia on Thursday. He wants to weaken former president Donald Trump and make the candidacy of Robert F. less important.

Kerry Kennedy is the daughter of the former Attorney General, Robert F. Kennedy, the daughter of the brother of former President John F. Kennedy’s sister, who is running for president, will say she supports Biden, as his campaign has announced.

The decision to talk about the Kennedy family’s support so early shows that Biden’s team is worried about a potential candidate who might use the Kennedy name to get votes away from Biden.

Both the Democrats and the Republicans are concerned that Kennedy’s decision to run for office could harm the chances of their chosen candidates. Biden was using the event to keep pressure on Trump during his campaign in an important state for his reelection.

“I think my dad, Robert F. , would have been really upset by Donald Trump’s lies and bad behavior. ” Kennedy was proud to be the Attorney General of the United States. He promised to follow the law and keep the country safe. Kerry Kennedy will talk about this in a speech. “Daddy believed in treating everyone fairly and making sure they had the same rights. He also wanted people to be free from poverty and fear. ” Just like President Biden does now.

The prominent Democratic family didn’t surprise anyone when they publicly said that they don’t agree with Robert Kennedy Jr. ‘s political viewsHe originally challenged Biden in the Democratic party primary, but now he’s running as an independent. Biden invited over 30 members of Kennedy’s family to the White House for St. Patrick’s Day last month. Patrick’s Day, with family members taking pictures with the president in the Rose Garden and Oval Office.

After officially supporting him, Biden and the Kennedy family planned to meet with people who support him at a campaign event. The Kennedy family also planned to call voters and go door-to-door to support Biden.

Many important family members did not support, including the United States. Caroline Kennedy and Maria Shriver, who work in nonpolitical jobs, were chosen as ambassadors to Australia by the Biden campaign.

Robert Kennedy Jr. can simply be stated as the son of Robert F. He has talked about not agreeing with his family on a lot of things in public before. But he thinks it’s possible to disagree in a nice way. Kennedy’s presidency, some critics accused the candidate of using the former president’s legacy for his own benefit. Kennedy ran for president in 1960, and Robert Kennedy Jr. He said sorry to his family on social media, in case the spot caused them any pain.

The Democratic National Committee has hired a group of people to communicate and fight against the popularity of third-party candidates, especially Kennedy. The DNC complained to the Federal Election Commission about Kennedy’s campaign working too closely with a Super PAC to get him on the presidential ballot in some states.

The Trump campaign is worried about Kennedy because they think he could take away Republican voters they need to beat Biden in November. If I was a Democrat, I would vote for RFK Jr. This is what Trump said in a video he released recently. Each time Biden is discussed, he has also criticized Kennedy, saying he is more “extremely left-wing” than the current president.

The Kennedy family’s support is the highlight of three days of campaigning in Pennsylvania.

Biden had a chance to go back to his hometown of Scranton, where he lived until he was 10 years old. He visited his old childhood home, a big house that his family rented. He remembered going to church at St. Paul’s

He didn’t want to leave town the next day, so he stopped to have some coffee before going to the airport. “It’s nice to be back in Scranton,” the president said when a customer greeted him.

Biden went to Pittsburgh and said he wants to increase taxes on steel and aluminum from China to help American companies compete better.

Even that event brought back some happy memories, as Biden remembered when the steelworkers supported him when he was a 29-year-old from Delaware running for US Senate.


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