Biden threatens to “shut down” border if Congress approves deal


US President Joe Biden supports a Senate agreement that allows him to close the southern border if it gets too crowded.

“He said on Friday that if I have the power, I will use it as soon as I sign the bill into law. ”

Mr Biden told the lawmakers to approve the deal. He said it was the strictest and most fair changes so far.

The border deal is being challenged by people on both the right and the left.

Former President Donald Trump tried to stop the deal. He told Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson to only agree to it if it’s perfect for the border.

There has been a lot of pressure on President Biden to do something about the border between the US and Mexico as he tries to win a second term as president. He will probably compete against Mr. Trump again in the next election.

Immigration is a big topic in the election. People in Iowa and New Hampshire helped Mr. Trump win because they are worried about the border.

In December, over 9,500 people a day crossed the US-Mexico border, according to the US government.

Furthermore, some Republicans are saying that they will only give more aid to Ukraine if there is a deal made for border security. A border agreement is necessary for more money for Israel and Taiwan. Republicans in the House won’t support extra funding without it.

Mr Biden said something new and Senate leaders are trying to make some House members agree with a border deal that some of them want to cancel.

Leading Senate Republicans, such as Mitch McConnell, have encouraged them to approve it.

Mr Mc Connell said it was a special chance to get things done with a government that has different opinions, which wouldn’t happen if everyone agreed.

Mr Johnson has not indicated that he and his colleagues will agree to the deal. Earlier today, Mr. Johnson told reporters that the deal is not going to be accepted in its current form.


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