Big companies stop running advertisements on Elon Musk’s twitter platform


Many popular brands stopped advertising on X on Friday. This is bad for Elon Musk‘s social media company because he publicly supported an antisemitic conspiracy theory that White supremacists like.

Some of the biggest media companies like Disney, Paramount, NBC Universal, Comcast, Lions gate, and Warner Bros are angry and stopping their ads. Discovery is the company that owns CNN.

X is said to have lost Apple. This was reported by several news outlets, including Axios, which was the first to report that Apple had withdrawn.

Apple did not answer when asked for comments several times.

The fast and wide withdrawals from X, the platform that used to be called Twitter, are happening because more and more people are upset with Musk for speaking out in support of extreme beliefs.

And it makes people unsure about the future of a company that Musk and former CEO Linda Yaccarino promised would start making money again as soon as next year.

The companies have stopped their advertising, just like IBM did on Thursday.

IBM’s ads were shown next to content that supports Nazis. IBM said clearly that the situation is completely unacceptable.

IBM is very serious about not allowing hate speech and discrimination. We have stopped all advertising on X while we look into this bad situation. This is not okay.

On Friday, X CEO Linda Yaccarino wrote on social media that X has been very clear about their work to stop antisemitism and discrimination. “It’s not okay anywhere in the world. ”

“On Friday evening, Musk said that anyone who supports killing an entire group of people will be banned from this platform. It’s just common sense. ”

This week, Media Matters found that ads from big companies like IBM, Apple, Comcast, NBC, and Oracle appeared next to similar content.

Oracle’s representatives have not answered requests for a comment.

A person speaking for X said that the accounts supporting Nazis mentioned in the Media Matters report on Thursday will no longer be able to make money from ads on their pages.

In August, two other companies, NCTA and Gilead Sciences, stopped advertising on X because their ads were shown with pro-Nazi content.


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