Jack Mwiimbu

By Agness Changala-Katongo

UPND Monze Central member of Parliament Jack Mwiimbu has charged that Bill 10 is the PF’s ventilator and will not do without it.

Mwiimbu who is also leader of the opposition in Parliament however, said with or without Bill 10, PF will go because there are many problems that Zambians are experiencing under them.

Yesterday, Eastern Province minister Makebi Zulu insisted to Daily Revelation that Bill 10 is not dead following the adjournment of Parliament on Tuesday.

Zulu who is Malambo PF member of Parliament said Bill 10 would be on the order paper whenever Parliament resumes sitting.

He said Mwiimbu and others opposed to Bill 10 lost a case in court which was filed two weeks ago in an attempt to stop the process.

Mwiimbu sought judicial review in the High Court to halt Bill 10 debate as it lapsed on June 4, 2020.

However, High Court judge Sharon Newa dismissed his application on the basis that it was not fit for investigation among other reasons.

Mwiimbu has since refreshed his application in the Court of Appeal to ensure that the debate on the Constitutional Amendment Bill number 10 of 2019 is discontinued.

Reacting to Zulu’s insistence that Bill 10 is not dead, Mwiimbu said the bill is dead and was cremated on Tuesday when Parliament adjourned.

“This bill died on June 4, and it was cremated on Tuesday. As far as UPND is concerned there is no Bill 10,” Mwiimbu said.

Mwiimbu said the PF wanted Bill 10 because of Article 52 which prohibits anyone from challenging the nomination of a candidate.

“They believe that if article 52 is put into law, President Edgar Lungu will be protected,” he said.

He said whatever the PF would do, Bill 10 is a dead issue which should be forgotten.

Mwiimbu said he was not giving up on challenging Bill 10 saying if the Court of Appeal does not does not make a ruling in his favour, he would go all the way to the Supreme Court.

He said despite the High Court dismissing his case, he still had confidence in the courts of law.


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