Catholic Diocese of Ndola Bishop Benjamin has implored law enforcement officers to serve people with honesty and love.

Bishop Phiri noted that there are officers denting the image of law enforcement agencies through bad conduct in the course of their duty.

The Ndola Chief Shepherd said law enforcement should be centered on crime prevention as opposed to wanting to catch citizens napping.

In his recent homily in the Ndola- Cathedral of Christ the King, Bishop Phiri said the presence of the police in communities or on roads should not scare citizens.

“God has a task for all of us. Let us do our part, let each one do his part honestly and with love. You officers in the security wings have a very important task for all of us, now when one of you or more of you begin to do just their own things vamu mutu chabe then you are not only spoiling the name of the uniform but maybe President should give us the right for citizens arrest so that we can arrest such a person and remove the uniform because they are not worth of the uniform they wear,” Bishop Phiri said.

“You cannot be in uniform and do wrong things. I should feel safe when I come to you or when I find you. I should not be afraid because now you are going to ask me for this and that. Unless you pay this you are going to be this. No,” he said.

“Safety on the road is very important and people have to observe those regulations and they should be road signs and so on. But a police officer doesn’t have to hide in a trench, in a ditch or behind a tree to ensure that I am keeping the law. The police officer should be visible so that when I see him or her it is a deterrent. I began driving safely. The idea is not to catch me but the idea is to prevent me from committing the offence. But sometimes even in the same family you have some good and bad seeds. We will continue to give advice. Many of the officers are young, as a senior citizen sometimes I just say young man this is not the way. Let’s do the correct thing after all I have been where you are and more,” Bishop Phiri said.

In the same sermon, Bishop Phiri asked the media to be professional and

CREDIT: Icengelo Radio


  1. I believe we should criminalise corruption in our beautiful country. This is the only way out otherwise Zambia is gone. Literally all institutions are corrupt and unfortunately it’s now official.. Our Bally must seriously look at criminalising corruption.


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