Edgar Lungu


By George Lemba

As authorities tighten their grip on former President Edgar Lungu by seizing wealth suspected to be illicitly obtained by his relatives, a faction within the Patriotic Front (PF) aligned with UKWA and led by Edgar Lungu is reportedly scheming to tarnish President Hakainde Hichilema’s family by fabricating various scandals.

Sources close to Lungu, who requested anonymity, suggest this false strategy aims to pressure President Hichilema to drop or decelerate legal actions against Lungu’s relatives and associates.

“Kateka (Lungu) is extremely concerned as nearly all his family members, including his wife, are facing court cases or have had properties and substantial funds confiscated by the government,” one source revealed. “He appears composed, but the targeted approach towards his immediate family is putting significant pressure on him, raising fears that he might be next.”

Recently, Lungu’s daughter, also a parliamentarian, admitted in court that her father had given her millions of Kwacha, which she used to purchase upscale properties and a farm in Lusaka. Additionally, Milingo Lungu, a former liquidator of KCM and one of the ex-president’s close associates, forfeited US$24 million in cash to the state in a plea bargain to avoid potential imprisonment.

Amid these developments, some citizens are urging the former president to publicly disavow Milingo Lungu’s misappropriation of public resources.

According to the sources, these incidents have prompted the PF to devise a plan to falsely implicate the first family in criminal activities, hoping to deflect scrutiny by scandalizing the President.

Last week Emmanuel Mwamba a former diplomat in Lungu’s government laid out a series of alleged financial scandals that he claims President Hichilema committed.

This was in reaction to Civil Rightist Activicist Laura Miti who asserted that President Hichilema was above board and prudent in looking after public resources.


  1. This is exactly what career criminals do. They do not come clean or take responsibility, they devise other plans to further their criminal careers.

    Trying to twist the narrative will not work. The state has not seized properties belonging to HH or Muna Hantuba, they have seized properties in the names of the entire former first family. This will not be erased or swept under the carpet. The origin of these properties obtained with laundered or stolen money is none other than EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU. The stage is now set for the removal of his immunity.

  2. Just explain how Muna Hantuba got the USD $ 40 Million environmental consultancy contract, and how he is managing that fund.
    Tell us what has happened to the $2.5 Billion FQM ‘ stole ‘ from the Zambian people.
    Tell us Muna Hantuba’s involvement in Mopani…and how his jubilee Mining got the Mufulira Mopani contract.
    Tell us the owners of the Manganese Mines in Mkushi , Serenje etc.
    Tell us the real people behind the KKIA Gold scandal..and the secretive gold mining in Zambia.
    The fertilizer deals which are even the cause of Zambia’s food insecurity..
    The list of scandals, inside trading involving connected cronies of the Privatization Liquidator are just too many… People have a right to ask! Its not PF asking. It’s the people of Zambia.

  3. If UKA meant well for Zambia, they would have asked already why Edgar Lungu has not testified for his wife and children. Will he? Sakwiba Sikota and Chishala Kateka, surely you see the point.

  4. This is a fake and fabricated story by Hichilema’s praise singers! Just wait for time Hichilema will be out of power, then you will prove to Zambia if he’s an angel or not!

    So the police want to break the gate and forcefully enter, clever man knows if they enter, they will discover the 2026 campaign loot, so he quickly appears and thwarts the attempt to enter.
    He remember that some chitintangombez gained access to his home in the middle of the night to steal some plasma, now he knows his loot is under threat, so how does he move the loot to safety unnoticed with all this security?, he devises a plan to get rid of security so he can move the loot freely. What does he do?, l don’t want these silly benefits. So the opposite reacts by withdrawing security. Aaah my time now. He moves the loot to another destination under cover of darkness and relocates without the praying eyes of security who could have seen the loot being packed. Mission accomplished. DONE DEAL. But how did intelligence not see this. Because KIVUKILAND is KIVUKILAND.


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