Zambian businessman based in South Africa Bizwell Mutale has resigned from the Patriotic Front (PF) and rejoined the Ruling Party ( UPND)

Mr Mutale is being received by UPND National Chairman, Collins Maoma at Party Secretariat.



  1. Coming back to UPND for what? The guy is useless and selfish, he should not be allowed anywhere near the UPND because he has nothing to offer to the party after many years of being contaminated with PF confusion

  2. These are sort of people that should be blacklisted from Politics.
    Hopping from one party to the next. What do they believe in? Just divisive chaps dont allow them they dont even have party cards to show they are paid up members but make announcements nesala yabo

  3. These are the people who give politics a bad name. Absolutely without any convictions except self interest. Totally unprincipled.

    And UPND even goes to the extent of putting up a show for him? How cheap! I have more respect for people like Mr. Kampyongo who have stuck to PF inspite of the ignominious loss.

    Ba Muselela kwakaba can never be relied upon when push comes to shove.


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