By Francis Chipalo@NewAge News

COMEDIAN Bob Nkosha has apologized to his fans over what he termed as a business misunderstanding between him and long time friend Aubrey Luo alias ‘Shi Mumbi’.

Social media was last week flooded with the story of Bob and Aubrey threatening each other with lawsuits for copyright infringement over Shi Mumbi, a comedy series which Bob claimed ownership of the original concept saying it was based on recordings he had done in 2009 featuring Aubrey Luo and Caristus Malunga as Shi Mumbi and Landlord respectively.

Bob wrote to Multichoice Zambia Limited to stop airing Shi Mumbi on Zambezi Magic as it was an infringement of his copyright.

Zambezi Magic has since stopped showing the comedy series which hit the screens on 3rd April, 2020.

Bob’s claims and actions was not received well by the public especially Shi Mumbi’s fans who mostly took to social media castigating the ‘Dorika’ character over his claims.

However, Bob has since apologized to his fans and to Aubrey following a meeting between the two comedians and other stakeholders in the arts and entertainment industry.

Bob who is CEO of Ideas Inc wrote to NewAge News in part saying;

“The past week social media has been screaming out loud over a business misunderstanding between myself and Mr Aubrey Luo. My first step is to apologise to all our fans especially the Shi Mumbi fans over the inconvenience this little kerfuffle may have brought to their viewing pleasure.

I assure you that the feud is over and your beloved comedy will be on the screen. And to the Shi Mumbi crew, I would like to apologise and take full responsibility of any insulting, disparaging remarks that may have been thrown at them by my fans.

I don’t take hooliganism lightly in my fan book there is no room for that, be reminded you are my fans and not cadres,” he said.

Bob further said, “I therefore find it prudent to forgive all those that may have thrown the unpalatable at me and in the process discrediting my persona, to them I suggest they look themselves in a mirror and silently say the word shame.

To all those that are not happy with the amicable conclusion to the Bob/Aubrey drama series, well it helps to just suck the thumb as you massage your left ear, believe me it’s very good for stress relief.

Remember when comedians argue don’t involve yourself you may end up being the joke”.

He further said the creative industry was a budding one which he had been one of the torch bearers.

“It is evolving from social to commercial and therefore requires a lot of education pertaining to the laws that govern the industry if at all we are going to call ourselves professionals.

Zambezi Magic is an international platform that requires us to be as professional as possible, to them I say kudos for creating space, opportunity for our industry to grow,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bob called on government to establish a film school.

“To the government I insist we need a film school. We have shown you what we can do with little education so it’s your move now to declare one university for arts because we cannot all be scientists,” he added.

He also extended a message of appreciation to arbitrators such as the National Arts Council, Comedians Association of Zambia, NAMA and others as well as individuals that showed concern when the saga erupted.

Bob boasts of mentoring known comedians like Aubrey Luo himself, Isaac Chamba, Patrick Salubusa and international comedians like Teacher Mpamire, Salvador and Pablo all from Uganda among others.


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