Body of Alexei Navalny to be kept for “chemical analysis” for two weeks

Navalny, The Award-Winning Film Documenting a Life and Possible Tragedy

Reportedly, Alexei Navalny’s family have been told that they will not get his body for two weeks after his death in a Russian prison. Navalny was a critic of Putin.

His mother was told that it was being kept for “chemical analysis,” a spokesperson for Navalny mentioned.

Russian authorities have not said where the body is, and they keep stopping efforts to find it.

The wife of the Russian opposition leader who passed away has said that they are hiding something.

On Monday, Yulia Navalnaya said in a video that she will keep fighting for a “free Russia” and directly blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for her husband’s death. She also claimed that his body was being kept until any signs of Novichok poisoning had gone away.

Navalny was able to stay alive after someone tried to kill him with Novichok in 2020.

Ms Navalnaya’s voice was sometimes shaky with sadness and anger. She asked people to support her and feel the same anger and hate towards the people who killed their future.

Navalny died in prison on Friday. The people in charge of the prison in Siberia said he never woke up after he passed out during a walk.

His mother and lawyer went to the faraway colony right after they found out he had died.

Efforts to find the body have been stopped by the prison morgue and local officials many times.

The Kremlin said they are still investigating Navalny‘s death on Monday, but they haven’t found any results yet.

Later, Navalny’s spokesperson Kira Yarmysh said that the investigators told Navalny’s mother Lyudmila that they would not give back the body for two weeks because they need to do a “chemical analysis”.

In her video, Ms Navalnaya said she thinks Navalny was poisoned. The video looked similar to the ones her husband used to make.

“They are not letting his mother see his body and they are lying about it. ” “She said she is waiting for Putin’s latest Novichok to go away. ”

Navalny, who was a important leader for the Russian opposition for the last 10 years, was in jail for 19 years for reasons that many people think were political.

Western leaders say President Putin is responsible for Navalny’s death.

On Monday, President Joe Biden said that Putin is to blame for the situation, whether he ordered it or not.

At a meeting with reporters on Monday, the EU’s top diplomat, Josep Borrell, said that Putin’s government in Russia slowly killed Navalny while he was in jail.

The EU and the US are thinking about putting more restrictions on Russia after Navalny died.

The UK’s top diplomat, Lord Cameron, also stated that he believes Britain and the other wealthy G7 countries will put new penalties on Russians connected to the person’s death.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that the comments made by Western politicians about Navalny’s death were disrespectful and not okay.

The Russian prison officials said that Navalny had experienced something called “sudden death syndrome” over the weekend.


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