Bootlicking in Zambian Politics and its impact Governance efficiency and accountability


By Misheck Kakonde

In the hallowed halls of power in Zambia, where promises during the 2021 general elections echoed dreams of progress resonate, a government once hailed as the herald of change now stands tarnished, its ideals obscured by a veil of deceit and manipulation. A regime that once vowed to work on the economy and champion the voices of the people has turned a deaf ear to
dissent, quelling opposition like a vengeful storm silencing the gentle whispers of truth. Those who dare to speak against the narrative are branded as enemies of progress, their voices muffled by the weight of censorship and fear. In the president’s word “those currently involved in corruption,or misusing limited power you have, you are own your own when you no longer have power”.

With a magicians sleight of hand, this government dances the art of deflection, expertly juggling
blame to shield itself from accountability. Every misstep, every stumble on the path to prosperity,is deftly attributed to the sins of the past, a convenient excuse to cloak their own incompetence in the tattered shroud of history. Meanwhile, as the fingers of accusation point downwards, the corrupt elite bask in impunity, shielded by a web of political connections that render justice a mere illusion. While lower-level officers and artists are paraded as sacrificial lambs in the facade of combating corruption, the true beneficiaries of power revel in opulence, their coffers overflowing while the cronies languish in the shadows of poverty.

The stage is set, the actors play their parts with practiced precision. The script of accountability is rewritten daily, a tragicomedy where the true villains remain obscured behind a curtain of political expediency. The citizens, once hopeful and expectant, now watch in dismay as the promises of a better tomorrow crumble like sandcastles against the tide of corruption.
Citizens deserve a government that upholds transparency, accountability, and fairness as its
pillars. A government’s duty is not merely to cling to power but to serve the people with integrity,honesty, and a genuine commitment to progress. Any regime that stifles dissent, scapegoats its predecessors, and shields the powerful from justice undermines the very essence of democracy.

True leadership is not found in deflecting blame or silencing opposition; it is found in courageously facing challenges, embracing accountability, and ensuring that the rule of law applies equally to all, regardless of their connections or status. A governments commitment to eradicating corruption cannot be a mere theatrical performance but a genuine, unrelenting pursuit of justice.

Erosion of Democratic Values in Zambian Politics
Many supporters of the current regime in Zambia tend to overlook evident misdeeds, displaying a
lack of critical thinking that fosters complacency, hinders reforms, and encourages deflecting
responsibility due to educational deficiencies and pressing economic concerns, prioritizing survival over informed political decision-making essential for a robust system.

The author Misheck Kakonde is a legal scholar, comparative politics specialist, History and
Cultural Studies, expertise in international relations, negotiation, and protocol (ZIDIS). Author ofthe book “peering into Zambian Cultures, Ceremonies” and contributor in the book “Young
Zambia between poverty and abundant resources”. Email:


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