Contact: UPND Southern province youth IPS, Lloyd Siambeta



Southern (6th June,2020) – People of Zambia have from time and again advised the Patriotic Front government to embrace all people with divergent views on governance issues in this country, but it is like these people are not willing to respect this call.

Of late people of Zambia have advised on the issue of the Gold mine, that it must not be mishandled by giving it to foreigners at a cheaper price inorder for the common citizens to benefit but the government through their Lusaka province minister, Bowman Lusambo have instead of listening to what people have said, have started to intimidate, threatening and bullying citizens.

As youths in the United Party for National Development, we wish to condemn and advise Bowman Lusambo to resign on moral grounds because he and his PF have failed to show leadership.

We have followed the happenings in this nation of late and we have discovered that this Lusaka province minister is now a danger to this country’s democracy. Who told him that people who stay in Lusaka can not advise the government on issues which affect the nation at large?

We are aware that even real and genuin members of PF are not happy with the way Bowman Lusambo is handling National issues.

Further, we want to show solidarity and salute our fellow Youths, the musicians for refusing to apologise to PF and Lungu for merely saying the truth. There is no any crime in what the artists said and if anything it is Lusambo and his government who should apologise to the people of Zambia for mismanaging the economy.

Lusambo must stop harrasing people because Zambia doesn’t belong to him. If Bowman Lusambo has all the powers being Lusaka province minister, all he can do is to put all his energy on reopening Prime TV which PF government closed with impunity. Prime TV employed many youths and helped reduce unemployment rate. Today they are all on the streets of Lusaka and other towns in zambia looking for survival. He should not just harass innocent youths and citizens who are just trying to advise government in good faith. Lusambo must just accept that the Patriotic Front government have failed to govern and pave way for UPND and President Hakainde Hichilema in 202, so that they work for the people of Zambia through bringing the economy back to normal by coming up with good and conducive policies.
Zambia is for Zambians therefore no one should feel to be more Zambians than others



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