Contact: UPND Lusaka province youth chairperson for Mobilization, Omiya Hankanga.
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Lusaka (4th June, 2020)- The continued threats by the Lusaka province minister shows how ignorant the man is,his threats to the young people and Zambians on the use of social media lacks merit as social media is one of the many modes of communication which people use to reach to one another and its a democratic human right as enshrined in our constitution under freedom of speech and press.

The action by the minister to threaten,direct or order citizens to apologize for speaking the truth on issues that are affecting our lives and our great nation, issues to do with corruption, mismanagement of our natural resources,tribalism, violence,unemployment, high cost of living,high taxes and high tariffs eg Zesco is a clear indication that PF government has lost direction to govern. The minister is embarrassing himself, the president and the nation at larger as this clearly shows that the Patriotic Front government are desperate and do not understand the dynamics of modern politics and use of social media,they do not want to accommodate divergent views from its citizens on the many injustice’s they have caused to our great mother Zambia.

Just a reminder to Mr Bowman Lusambo, ” you don’t own Lusaka so stop harassing or threatening citizens that are speaking on behalf of the voiceless Zambians out there, remember you were once a cadre and during your time you were involved in so many lawlessness, just like you have put it but still no one stopped or intimidated you from airing your views”. You are not the first Minister of this Province and certainly not the last so sit down and shout up, have a self introspect on where you’re coming from and where you are. Only cowards like Kings Malembe can apologise for saying the truth.

To the many garrant youths out there who are able to speak for the voiceless, the oppressed and the vulnerable people, please do not relent, or be intimidated by these politicians, we are the people who feel and know what kind of lives we live, how much we have suffered day in day out, were as our hustle has now turned to be our pain and our sweat has turned to be our hope for many are looking forward to a brighter tomorrow with a new help and hope.

It is for this reason that Iam calling upon the youths in our country to speak, unity and fight this political injustice,politics of mediocrity by the Patriotic Front government which are long gone and will not tolerate this this as citizens, let us be able to fight for our rights and freedoms not to be intimidated by a minister who can’t distinguish the meaning of freedom of speech to lawlessness.

The future of this country great nation is in our hands, the future of our children’s children depends on you and me, our forefathers fought for independence it is now you and me to fight this political mediocrity and will not seat idle while we watch this reckless government root resource and pledge this great nation into a crisis. Zambians wake up enough is enough.



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