By Charles Tembo

IT’S only me who will decide who to take over as Kabushi member of parliament, says Bowman Lusambo.

Lusambo, who is battling for his seat in the Constitutional Courts, told The Mast that he doesn’t want to overdo things hence exploring other avenues in politics.

In an interview in Ndola after conducting a walk within Kabushi Constituency on Saturday, Lusambo announced plans not to contest in 2026.

He said after his term comes to an end in 2026, he would hand over the seat to a person of his choice.

“I will just give Kabushi to a person I would want to continue from where I will end. I can assure you that come 2026, definitely, we are going to introduce another candidate for Kabushi. For me, I will not stand in 2026 because I want to pursue other avenues in politics. I have been a supporter, a political youth movement leader. I have been a minister and a member of parliament for two terms. I do not want to overdo things. I want other young men and women who would want to serve the people of Kabushi to take it up from me. I will be the one introducing the candidates to the people of Kabushi,” Lusambo said. “Go and tell them that Kabushi is for the bulldozer. Other political parties aspiring to take over my seat will be wasting their resources and money because I have invested heavily in the people of Kabushi.”

He wondered why people have started campaigns in Kabushi when his election nullification case is before courts of law.

“What’s the rush? The issue of Kabushi is in court and we need to respect the courts. I want to tell those politicians aspiring to stand in Kabushi that this is a no go area. We have invested trust in our people and the bond between them and us is very strong in the sense that there is no politician who can just come and stand,” Lusambo said. “We are aware some politicians are doing some manoeuvres in Kabushi. But they will not dislodge PF.”

Earlier, Lusambo visited Masala market, clinics and Kapalala market where he thanked the people of Kabushi for standing with him amidst his court battles.

“We are here on invitation from Lubuto United Church of Zambia for the ordination service. So we decided to also check on projects in the constituency. Remember we have a big project running. The construction of the new Kapalala market. I wanted to see the project and report to the residents that in the next two months, the project will be handed over to them. I also came to greet people. A lot has happened,” he said.

Lusambo said he was disappointed with the shortage of drugs in most clinics in Kabushi Constituency.

“We have discovered that there is a shortage of drugs. This issue is urgent and must be addressed as an emergency so that we serve our people. I want to report to the constituency that the shortage of medicines in clinics is real and I want to appeal to the government to procure the medicines,” said Lusambo.

But Copperbelt UPND information secretary William Sitali advised Lusambo to stop inciting the people of Kabushi with bad messages.

“As UPND we are very disappointed with the way Bowman Lusambo is taking politics. We are just coming from elections and we are in working mood so we advise Mr Lusambo to stop politicking,” he said. “We are also aware of Mr Lusambo’s innuendos of accusing the UPND of campaigning in Kabushi Constituency when it’s actually him who has been going round campaigning.”

Sitali said Lusambo should learn to exercise politics of civility and not of causing anarchy in Kabushi.

“The reconciliation process the party and the President Hakainde Hichilema has taken must be respected. It doesn’t mean that we are weak when we accommodate the opposition more specifically the PF which was oppressive to other opposition parties while they were in power,” said Sitali.


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