Boyd Mkandawire Was Kept At Ms Maureen’s House The Mother To Charlene



When Charlene Mumba Kasaba was still pupil at Arakan Secondary School, she fell pregnant for Boyd Mkandawire who was then in his initial football career. Charlene stopped School to give birth. At the time, Boyd Mkandawire and his people decided that he would marry Charlene.

He was charged a total of K20,000 for both damage (K12,000) and lobola (K8,000). The late Charlene moved with Boyd Mkandawire and they had a second child together. Mkandawire paid some money towards what he charged for damage.

However, when fame finally came for Mkandawire, during his days at Kabwe worriers, he started mistreating Charlene Mumba. The footballer started sleeping out for weeks and eventually, he informed Charlene that she should pack her belongings and go to her parents.

By this time, Boyd had paid a sum of K12,000 towards the K20,000 which he was charged. He told Charlene Mumba to inform her parents that he wanted his money back. Charlene even moved out of the house after one day, Boyd took to his matrimonial home another girl only known as Monica.

According to half baked information which Boyd has told Kalemba, he admits that the family of Charlene mistreated him when he went to mourn her.The truth is that he was ignored at the funeral mostly because of the ill treatment he subjected Charlene when she lived under his roof, having impregnated her and made her drop out of school.The family of Charlene says she was not married and Boyd has never paid anything for her. This is because he only paid money for damage. He did not pay for lobola.

But after misbehaving, Boyd Mkandawire finally lost fame. He became clubless and a free molecule. The money was gone. He now started chasing after Charlene who kept him at her mom’s house as she was working for a hotel. At the time of her death Charlene had nothing to do with Boyd Mkandawire that is why she could openly take videos with anyone she was comfortable with and post on TikTok. No normal married woman can take videos and upload on social media when she knows she is legally married.- Zibani Zambia


  1. No AIKONA MAN is right to write if his intention is to put fact right . There has been a lot of contradictory statements over this issue. I hope he’s updating readers in good faith.


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