By Barotseland Watchdog

Today, BRE handed the Barotse Privy Council Resolutions to the public in front of cameras and recorders, reaffirming and ruling that Barotseland exists and will remain forever.

In an unexpected change of events, the Barotse Royal Establishment has notified the people that they will do everything it takes to defend the Barotseland nation from any invasions and insults by Zambia.

BRE called on Zambia to get a four-legged table of dialogue between the people of Barotseland and Zambia, with the main agenda of Barotseland self-rule.

Passing Barotse Privy Council resolutions to the media today at Limulunga Kuta, BRE also called on the President of the Republic of Zambia to fly to Barotseland on a ZAF jet and explain to the people of Barotseland what he meant when he declared Barotseland does not exist.

Furthermore, throughout the transition period with Zambia, BRE emphasized the need to maintain good relationship with the Provincial Administration and the Barotse Royal Establishment.

The highest organ of Barotseland further advised the country to cease referring to Barotseland as a western province and that the term Barotseland should be immediately restored.

According to BRE, the Barotse Privy Council has decided to re-register its membership in The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO), an international membership-based organization founded to empower the voices of unrepresented and marginalized peoples around the world and protect their fundamental human rights.

Meanwhile, the Royal Kuta is surprised that after providing President Hakainde and his cabinet with Barotse Privy Council resolutions, the government traveled to Barotseland to negotiate, requesting that BRE not read the resolution and allow them time to consider.

“We provided them resolutions and encouraged them to react in writing, but the administration has so far disregarded us. They just responded via the phone call instead of writing.” Ngambela explained.

The Litunga on 26th January, 2024 summoned the highest organ in Barotseland to come and deliberate on the sentiments President Hakainde Hichilema issued that Barotseland does not exist.

Induna Inete Akapelwa Mwangelwa Silumbu read the resolutions on behalf of Ngambela Mukela Manyando and the entire Kuta.

President Hakainde said Barotseland does not exist and that he is very serious.

“I am not joking Permanent Secretary Simomo, Barotseland does not exist at all. I shall not allow that.’’ HH said.


  1. Not everyone wanted independence from Britain. Let them agitate for the Northern Rhodesia Act. from Britain.The Privy Council of the UK may bend jurisdictional barriers.
    The Zambian government is no jurisdiction in this case.

  2. Is Barotseland western province of Zambia?are Kaonde Lunda lamba etc land part of Barostselanda?and who told them to include ila, Tonga, soli and lenje land without their consent also we want to know the boundaries.?

  3. The people stirring up trouble in Lozi land should be locked up. We are enjoying peace in our country please let us keep it this way.

  4. Is this not what was promised to them by the current Zambian leader whilst in opposition no matter how unpopular this may be? The Bembas say ubufi bulaya no kubwela.

  5. Rubbish by these TRAITORS or rather sellouts to the white man.
    Apart from the defunct & illegal BRA of 1964, Show us tangible things that consitute a nation i.e. a recognized boundary by multipe natios nations, passport, national Identity cards, citizens registries, diplomatic relationships with other nations, police records, military records, international treats etc.
    All u show is the sellout/traitor colonial agreement with the Master imperial empire.
    There is even no evidence of consultation with the other chiefs in the area. It’s all about claims by one litunga clan.

  6. Hahaha
    In Zambia, ANYBODY CAN RULE, all Zambian Presidents came from humble begins and worked hard, each in their own way to reach the pinnacle of power and have a chance to change the trajectory of the country.
    1. Kenneth Kaunda – son of a teacher, no family or lineage connections.
    2. Frederick Titus Chiluba – son of a villager, no family or lineage connections.
    3. Levy Patrick Mwanawasa – son of a commoner, no family or lineage connections.
    4. Rupiah Bwezani Banda – son of a commoner, no family or lineage connections.
    5. Michael Chilufya Sata – son of a villager, no family or lineage connections.
    6. Edgar Chagwa Lungu – son of a villager, no family or lineage connections.
    7. Hakainde Hichilema– son of a villager, no family or lineage connections.
    8. Next President is guaranteed to be a SON/DAUGHTER of a commoner.
    In Barotseland, NOBODY CAN RULE EXCEPT THE LITUNGA AND HIS CLAN, WHO HAVE SUPREME POWER OVER PEOPLE, THE PEOPLE’S PROPERY etc. No matter how hard you work, you have no chance to reach the pinnacle of power.
    In Zambia, One Zambia One Nation. All citizens are equal before the law regardless of their background.
    In Barotseland, One Barotseland One Litunga. Relatives of the Litunga are above others.

  7. Now that the BRE has come out in the open on their seccetionist agenda, let the full force of the law be applied. Any acts which border on destroying the unitary status of Zambia are treasonable…there shouldn’t be any sacred tribes.
    The BRE are the ones who have been sponsoring the Linyungadambo terrorist group..It’s very clear now.
    Zambia’s independence is incomplete without the liberation of Western Province..
    The BRE doesn’t make noise in Angola or Namibia, they will be crushed if they dared. Why do we tolerate their nonsense here ???
    Liberate Zambia from the apologists of British Colonialism…We can’t continue tolerating the Barotse nosense 60 years after independence. Let the Chief of Malozi, the Litunga, go with his British Military attire, and take the fake musisi Victorian age Dress, and Scottish Kilts , masquerading as traditional dressing back to his Colonial allies..We have had enough of the nosense.

  8. Who should have the last word on this not-so-small matter of the future of Barotseland in Zambia? Is it the BRE or ordinary people of Barotseland? The Government of the Republic of Zambia should be asking this question. During colonial rule by the British, the Barotse people had no special status in the colony of Northern Rhodesia. Their sons and daughters freely attended school at Chipembi Girls and Munali Boys outside Barotseland. Even during the early years of Zambia as an independent country when the BA1964 was in force, the Barotse enjoyed freedom of movement in the country and had no special status. These are indisputable facts. Is the BRE ready to face facts?


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