By Kangwanda Mucembele

The Barotse Royal Establishment is still locked up in the meeting with all Barotse members of parliament and Zambia’s justice minister given Lubinda.

However, the Kuta has continued to refuse and reject to support the Bill 10 amendments.

The meeting is still going on and looking at the turn of events bo-given Lubinda will go back with shock. Given Lubinda has been told off and advised that these Bemba/Nyanja politicians are liars, cheaters and tribalists who are going to abandon him once their agenda has been achieved.

The Indunas took time to roast Lubinda. The MP’s also had time to ask questions on every clause in the amendment bill 10. And Given Lubinda had time to explain every clause to the Kuta and members.

Meanwhile, some Upnd MPs have praised and appreciated the Kuta for showing maturity and leadership on how they have behaved by summoning all of the MP’s regardless of their political affiliation.

Three UPND MPs disclosed that in UPND you can’t ask or request for explanation because once you do so, the party and members will label you as an enemy and rebel. Even this very important national issues we do not have time to go through them and learn but will just be told on what to do either walk out or reject.

They only had a lunch for an hour. Right now they is no phones allowed inside the meeting place.


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