We are now beginning to see why the charges against Zindaba Soko and Amos Chanda was dropped.

There are many more people involved in this rot and it goes all the way to the very top.

The FIC report of 2018 categorically states that two senior government officials received $300,000 and $200,000 respectively in their bank accounts from Walid El Nahas, the director of IMS and Lamise.

Several others got hard cash bribes and properties totalling $3 Million.

We know for a fact that Zindaba Soko is the one that received $200,000 into his Stanbic bank account.
He was never even charged for this.

But who is the second one who received $300,000?

It’s only common sense that this person must have been Zindaba Soko’s superior or boss to get a bigger cut than him.

These are very easy cases to prosecute, the electronic trail and bank statements are there to show that they received these bribes.

Brian Mushimba needs to come clean following recent allegations that he received money from IMS, he needs to respond and he should allow scrutiny of all his bank statements locally and abroad during the period in question.

The bank accounts of Walid El Nahas should also be examined to see who he transferred money to. -NDC


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