The 24 square meters state-of-the-art Mulungushi Conference Centre is a masterpiece and marvel to look at. This modern Conference Centre has a 2500-seat conference hall, one 600-seat medium meeting room, one 400-seat multi-function hall and 60-seat group meeting rooms.

The New International conference center also has five VIP rooms, office area, exhibition area, press center, emergency medical center, service area, auxiliary facilities such as parking space.

Its structural oval design is that of a half moon but the actual inspiration as explained by Hon. Chitotela, who chose the design, as the then Minister of Infrastructure, said it came from the Zambian Map curving-point between Zambia and Congo. If you know your Geography very well you agree that the Province that borders Congo is Luapula province. It is safe to say that the Conference’s design inspiration comes from the shape of Luapula province.

The New Mulungushi Conference center will host the African Union (AU) Heads of State Summit in 2022


Hon. Ronald Chitotela played a significant role in the construction of the conference facility. It is not surprising that President Edgar Lungu appointed him Chairman of the Council of Ministers on Construction, a position he held until the change of Government.

Hon. Chitotela sought funding by managing to convince the Chinese Government to give Zambia a grant of $35 million for the construction of the conference facility. The initial plan was that the conference facility be constructed in Samfya until the former Chinese Ambassador and Hon. Ronald Chitotela settled for Lusaka.

According to the initial plans, a five star hotel and 3 star hotel are to be constructed in order to complement the New Mulungushi Conference Centre.

Now that the PF is out of Government it is now the New Dawn Administration to pursue the idea of constructing five and a three star hotel and turn the conference centre into a centre of excellence.


Another conference facility was to be constructed under the former administration and again Hon. Chitotela played a significant role. This facility is to be called the Mahatma Gandhi conference centre. It is a grant from the Indian Government and just like the name suggests.The construction site for the Mahatma Gandhi is along airport road between the New airport offices and the Mall. The New Dawn Government and follow this up and actualize the Construction of the Mahatma Gandhi Conference facility.


When Hon. Chitotela was in South Africa and met his Counterpart from Japan he took advantage of the privileged and convinced his Japanese counterpart to help Zambia construct the Luangwa bridge. The processes of technical evaluation had already begun by the time he was leaving the Ministry of Infrastructure and that resulted in a $75 million grant from the Japanese Government. The New Dawn Government must pick up from where the former Government left and see to it that the Luangwa bridge is constructed at zero Government expense because Hon. Chitotela already sought the $75 million grant for construction of the bridge from japan.


Former President Lungu’s good International corporate relations benefitted Zambia insofar as infrastructure development is concerned. Him appointing Hon. Ronald Chitotela as Minister of Infrastructure was a masterstroke because Hon. Chitotel’s excellent and immaculate negotiating skills paid huge dividends.

The grants Zambia was given in infrastructure development during the PF’s reign were as a result of good international corporate relations President Edgar Lungu cultivated and the good negotiating skills of his Infrastructure MInisters like Hon. Ronald Chitotela.

The New Administration must continue pursuing such International Corporate relations for the benefit of Zambians.



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