British Airways and Virgin Atlantic aircraft collide at Heathrow


A Virgin Atlantic plane crashed into a British Airways plane while they were both moving away from the terminal. The two planes crashed into each other on the runway at Heathrow Airport while people watched in surprise.

Both planes had only a little damage.

Virgin Atlantic said: “We know that the tip of a wing on one of our empty planes hit another plane while it was being moved from the parking spot at London Heathrow Terminal 3. ”

We always focus on keeping our customers and crew safe. No passengers were on the Virgin Atlantic plane at that time.

“We have started a detailed investigation and our engineers are checking the airplane for any problems. The airplane will not be used until the checks are done. ”

They said the plane had just finished flying and was being pulled to a different part of the airfield when it crashed.

Their flights are on schedule and there are no delays.

Someone on Twitter, named Alex Whittles, said “I just saw a plane crash at Heathrow. ”

‘A tug pushing a Virgin 787 hit the wing of a BA A350. ‘


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