British scientist gives his reasons for wanting to remain in Gaza


Mohammed Ghalayini is a scientist from Manchester. He is currently in Gaza with his family because of the conflict happening there.

He said to the BBC’s Newshour show that he went to the border between Gaza and Egypt today because some of his family members, who have Jordanian passports, were told they could leave.

Mohammed found someone at the border who had a list of people allowed to leave. However, the list did not have any British people on it.

He said that the list also included people from Austria, Jordan, Indonesia, and Australia.

But Ghalayini said he will stay in Gaza, even though he has a British passport that allows him to leave. He wants to inform everyone about what is going on in Gaza, he explains.

This is a very difficult situation for the people of Palestine. Everyone I know and care about in the UK will yell at me for saying this, but ultimately we have to make our own choices in life,” he says.


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