British traveller seated next to wife passes away during trip


A man from Britain died while he was flying with his wife from the Falkland Islands to Chile.

The 59-year-old person, whose name has not been given, was flying with Chilean airline LATAM to Punta Arenas on Saturday when he passed away.

The Chilean police met the plane when it arrived at Carlos Ibanez del Campo Airport. They do not believe that the man’s death was caused by a crime.

Diego Díaz, Deputy Commissioner of the specialist unit in Punta Arenas, said that detectives from the Punta Arenas Homicide Brigade went to Carlos Ibanez del Campo Airport after a 59-year-old British tourist died on a plane traveling from the Falkland Islands to Punta Arenas before his connecting flight to Santiago, following instructions from local prosecutors.

‘The man’s wife was asked questions and said he had various health problems. ‘

A post mortem, which is an examination of a dead body, is expected to happen today or tomorrow to find out why he died.


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