Build me a house, my return to politics was not to challenge Hichilema, cries Lungu

Edgar Lungu

Build me a house, my return to politics was not to challenge Hichilema, cries Lungu

Edgar Lungu has cried that government builds him a house in a location of his choice as an entitlement of a former Head of State.

The former president says his return to active politics was not to challenge President Hakainde Hichilema for the country’s presidency but only to restore democracy as well as guard against the shrinking democratic space in the country.

On October 28, during the memorial of late president Micheal Sata, while being cheered by hoardes of cadres, Lungu announced his return to politics in a speech that is now being refered to as “The Grave Mistake”.

Lungu declared that he had returned to his position as PF president and would resume duties to rescue PF state-sponsored stooges.

Two days later, Lungu announced that he had evicted him self from Stoppilla Sunzu’s Ibex Hill mansion which was being rented for him saying; he would not allow to be manipulated over the crumbs that government was giving him.

After judge Mwape Bowa authorised him to file his petition against the State during the Christmas holiday Lungu explained that he was crystal clear in his announcement that his return to politics was in defence of democracy.

In his petition Lungu noted that after his historic election defeat in 2021, he wrote a letter to the secretary to the cabinet indicating that he had relinquished his position as PF president and would not participate in politics.

The former president said following his grave pronouncement, the State wrote to him notifying him that it had withdrawn his benefits as a consequence of his actions.

But in a dramatic turn of events that has shocked even the most staunch of his supporters, Lungu has run to court crying for benefits saying his return to politics would be just as a spectator who would not dare contest the presidency.

“The petitioner considered his civic duty to return to active politics to join hands with like-minded civic and political leaders with a view of protecting and preserving Zambia’s fledging democracy,” he said.

The former president said he could not stand aside and watch the shrinking democratic space in Zambia and allow Miles Sampa to be entrusted with the captaincy of the boat.

“The petitioner made it clear that his return to active politics was not because he had ambitions to become Republican President again but that his coming back to active politics was in defence of democracy,” Lungu clarified.

“The petitioner indicated that he was ready to support any opposition leader that Zambians will choose to best represent their aspirations and rescue them from the abrogation of the law and dictatorship being witnessed nowadays.”

He said Section 2 and 5(1)(b) of the benefits of the former president Amendment Act in defining “active politics” discriminates against him by imposing restrictions to give political opinion as sixth president as enshrined in Articles 20,21 and 23 of the Constitution of Zambia.

Lungu lamented that the withdrawal, of his pension benefits is not only punitive and unconstitutional, but also has the effect of gagging him from expressing or sharing his political views on National affairs in a democratic society.

He said Article 20 of the Constitution guarantees him the right to freedom of expression, including freedom to, receive communicate, and impact opinions, ideas and information without interference, whether the communication is to the public generally or to any class of persons.

“The prohibition of the petitioner as a former president from holding an elective or appointive office in a political party or in an organisation whose aim is the furtherance of political objectives does not fall into any category of allowable derogations under Article 21(2) of the Constitution,” Lungu said.

He said Zambia ratified the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) together with its Optional Protocol in 1984 and it’s Articles 19,21,22 and 25, the ICCPR contains comprehensive provisions guaranteeing the rights to freedoms of expression, association and assembly, and not to be discriminated against on grounds of political opinion.

Lungu repetitively complained that two years since he left the office of president after he suffered rejection from 2.8 million Zambians, to date the State has not provided him with a furnished executive house at a place of his choice in line with Section 4(a) of the benefits of Former Presidents (Amendment)Act in not more than two years from the date of ceasing to hold office.

Lungu is seeking a declaration that section 2 and 5 (1)(b) of the benefits of the former president’s (amendment) Act no. 21 of 1998 are unconstitutional null and void, to the extent that they are inconsistent with Article 20, 21 and 23 of the constitution.

The former Head of State wants the High Court to declare that the withdrawal of his pension and other Benefits of Former Presidents (Amendment) Act no.22 of 1998 as read together with the Benefits of Former Presidents Act Cap 15 of the laws of Zambia.

He is seeking an order that he be compensated for the loss suffered arising from unconstitutional and unjust withdrawal of the pension and other benefits confered on him by the Benefits of Former Presidents (Amendment) Act no. 21 of 1998 as read together with the Benefits of Former Presidents Act Cap 15 of the Zambian laws.

Lungu wants an order of mandamus directed to the secretary to the cabinet to reinstate his pension and other benefits and provide him with a furnished executive house built or bought by the State at a place of his choice in line with the law.

He is also demanding damages for his fundamental rights to freedom of expression, assembly, association and not to be discriminated against on grounds of political opinion

By Mwaka Ndawa



  1. Hmmmmm he is in for the ride. Mrs Katongo Banda TOLD you NOT TO COME BACK into politics because you got that presidency on silver plata . ALL THE ZAMBIAN PRESIDENTS have once entered CELL BUT you have never.

    Time to pay back by going into cells/Prison.
    Mumbi Phiri was decieving you.

  2. Since the man has proven to be of unstable standing, what happens if he resigns from active politics for the second time? Will his benefits be restored then? Legal minds gather here…

  3. So when former President RB had his benefits withdrawn and immunity lifted, Zambia was not a signatory of all these international agreements you’re crying about in court? Oh ask mumbi phiri she’ll tell you it doesn’t apply to you, kiikikikiki!!

  4. This man is not stable. He told the whole country when he addressed the national assembly sometime between 2017 and 18 that he didn’t want the government to build him a house as he was capable of doing so himself. This was at the peak of PF plunder. I was surprised that he even ” rented” Sunzu’s. Very unstable, this one!

  5. Fake news from Upnd. Edgar Lungu is a mature man , he cannot stoop so low as though he has never been to school. He understands the laws of this country, and does not involve himself in unnecessary illegalities. He respects the Republican Constitution!

    • This is the man who described the presidential retirement benefits as “crumbs ” and further declared in the same breath he was willing to forfeit these crumbs after much prayer and meditation for the struggle to save democracy in the nation. ECL is now attempting to test his legal challenge in the courts of law because there is no precedent for these shenanigans he is putting up. ECL cannot have his cake and eat it, simple.

  6. Ba Mukuka, which Lungu are you talking about? The one who allowed ministers to continue in office after desolution of parliament in 2016? The one who refused to hand over power to the speaker after his election was challenged in court?

    The same one who threatened the constitutional Court if they did not allow him a third term attempt? And the same one who has taken up the presidency of the other PF faction, two years after resigning from politics and with no elections held?

    Ba Mukuka, your Mr. Lungu is the epitome of lawlessness. Just look at the way he ascended to the PF presidency. By show of hands and pangas! Can you tell us how many votes he polled at their “convention” to win the PF presidency?

    Ba Mukuka, PF is the true representation of hypocrisy, lies and lawlessness.

  7. Now sit down and digest that this erratic confused man who says one thing today. The next day he forgets what he said and demands for the opposite. Little wonder Zambia was left in such and economic mess and thuggish cadre political atmosphere. Terrible!

  8. I think Zambia was ruled by an insane head of state between 2015 and 2021. This explains why there was so much lawlessness and destruction.

  9. This explains why the Kwacha is in free fall!
    ECL and his violent gang left this country in a mess!
    ECL is as unstable as water!
    To imagine that this chap was president of Zambia is shocking to say the least!
    Left unchecked, ECL can put Zambia on fire because of the blind lawless and violent following he has.
    We should not entertain this identity fraudster!
    Zambians also, learn to dig the backgrounds of candidates you choose to vote into office otherwise, you will end up voting a mad person into office!
    Did Zambians know that ECL’S mother is from Malawi?
    Do Zambians know ECL’S father and where he comes from?
    These are the questions you ask before you marry someone! You don’t marry anyhow and ask questions when it’s too late!
    We don’t owe ECL anything as Taxpayers!
    Just declare the ka chap stateless!


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