Bulawayo mayor reveals earning US$25 a month

Bulawayo mayor David Coltart

Bulawayo mayor David Coltart, in charge of the country’s second largest urban authority, earns a ridiculous US$25 a month, perhaps worse than a day’s takings by an illegal street vendor in one of the teeming city pavements.

This was revealed on Monday by the former education minister and top CCC politician, as he fought off accusations by trolls who did not take kindly to his earlier declaration he will not dump his job in solidarity with party leader Nelson Chamisa.

Chamisa abandoned the main opposition two weeks ago citing party infiltration by the enemy.

His controversial move has found takers in some of his most loyal disciples who include legislators Fadzayi Mahere, Rusty Markham and Daniel Molokele.

In his earlier statement, Coltart, regarded as cut from the old cloth of administrators who were not easily swayed by the trappings of holding public office, vowed any attempt to resign would be both a betrayal of city residents and a regression from efforts he has put in place so far to remedy the metropolis’ myriad challenges.

His critics say he has chosen to sacrifice principle so he could benefit from his job.

But Coltart, who once said he does not wish to drive in a plush mayoral car at the expense of suffering residents, revealed he was only being paid a paltry US$25 for all his troubles.

“Just in case anyone questions my assertion that I get paid US$25 per month for the privilege of being Mayor, here is my allowance slip for January. I omitted to mention that I am actually paid this in Z$ at the official rate – so last month my total allowance/remuneration was Z$ 138,575.40.

“For those from outside of #Zimbabwe in case you are impressed the official interbank today is US$1:Z$10082. So, the Z$138,575 now equates to US $13.74!

“To be clear I am not complaining because I knew what I was getting into before being elected. But just don’t let it be said that I am in it for the money!” he said.

Source – zimlive


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