1. You are full of jealousy and envy
    What kind of a Christian are you?
    What is your favourite hymn? Which is your church?
    HH is a real Christian who preaches love unlike you the agent of evil
    You will loose again in 2026

  2. How can a Christian be jealous of someone starting to go to church sure? Let him stand in 2026, If we will be there God willing, you will give him a piece of our mind

  3. What positive change has 18th October, the so called day of prayer, brought to Zambia? The answer is NOTHING. Just like there is NOTHING to write home about since Zambia was declared a Christian Nation in 1991.

  4. It is clear to me that ECL still does not realise that one of the reasons he lost elections in the unprecedented manner that he did was his appetite for practising cheap politics.

    My humble advice is that he should discuss ideas and issues as opposed to name-calling.


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