Robby Fundi (Road Safety Ambassador) posts:

I saw this accident happen yesterday at about 11:30, few kilometers before Kacholola near St Joseph Hospital.

Involved was a Land Cruiser the Anti Robbery Squad were using to transport suspects from Lusaka to Chipata.

I was ahead of them and as they started to catch up with me i thought of reducing my speed so that I could give them space to pass.

At that time i was descending a hill and there was a truck ascending going in the western direction, suddenly two vehicles decided to over take this truck at the same time, a head on collision was eminent between me and the two vehicles, at that point the only option I was left with was to apply emergency brakes to avoid the collision.

The Anti Robbery Squad were attempting to overtake me, upon realizing that two vehicles were already overtaking the truck dangerously so of course, the Land cruiser driver decided to get back to his lane that is behind me but I had already stopped, so in the process of avoiding hitting me from behind he swerved to the left and overtook me as he struggled to get back on the road he lost control went and hit the embankment on the right side of the road and the Land cruiser flipped throwing the four Anti Robbery Squad guys who were behind with their guns and the two handcuffed suspects.

I quickly parked off the road and rushed to help them, the two drivers did not bother to stop. One truck driver stopped he had a First Aid Box so we started to isolate those who were critically injured laid them on the ground and started to clean them Luckily the hospital was near we quickly called for the ambulance and within few minutes it was at the accident scene and two officers who were seriously injured together with the two suspects were rushed to the hospital. I called the Officer In charge Anti Robbery Squad Mr Simuchembu in Chipata to inform him of the accident who quickly alerted Nyimba Police to rush to the accident scene.

I called Mr Simuchembu the officer in charge to get the update he told me one officer remain admitted in Nyimba and the other were brought to Chipata last night only one was still in pain the rest are out of danger.



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