CADRES ARE NOW IN HIGH OFFICES- HON MUNDUBILE………as he exposes a scheme to suspend PF MPs in Parliament and amend the constitution.



………as he exposes a scheme to suspend PF MPs in Parliament and amend the constitution.

Lusaka………Friday, November 3, 2023 [Smart Eagles].

As the nation is still in shock by the continuous breach of the Constitution by the Executive and its stooges, it has emerged that Parliament is the next target.

Legitimately Elected Leader of Opposition Hon Brian Mundubile said there is no constitutionalism in the Zambian Parliament because representation is hampered.

Hon Mundubile said an elected Opposition Member is not given an opportunity to give a divergent view.

He has since exposed a scheme by the UPND Government to amend the constitution using ilegalities.

He said the speaker now intends to suspend PF Members of Parliament Following a wrongly raised point of order.

“Hon Andeleki and Hon Anakoka are always on standby to rise on point of orders, because the ruling is already there. They plan to suspend PF MPs today all in an effort to weaken the Party. They want to ganner some numbers and amend the constitution. The executive is leaning on Parliament,” he explained.

Hon Mundubile said the UPND want to include clauses in the constitution which will be definitely rejected by the Zambians.

“President HH nolonger wants a running mate in the constitution, he wants the term of office to be extended to 7 years.

They believe that if they went ahead and succeeded, the term of office will be extended. And remove the running mate. They want to introduce Multi cultural clause…..We are unpopular because we have stood firm,” he said.

He has noted that the cadres in the UPND Regime are in high offices such that they can rule one out of order even when you are in order.

“When Hon Kang’ombe was almost wrongly evicted, members of the PF stood up and they called that disorderly.

But when Hon Emmanuel Jay Jay banda was being evicted, members of the UPND stood up and showered insults at Banda, what do you call that. We want to see what Parliament will do, because our members have been written to. It is not incumbent for a member of Parliament to stand up and say they protecting the speaker,” he said.


  1. That’s laughable, cadres went with PF, have you forgotten how they were terrorizing government offices beating officers even in the presence of PSs and the police could not say or do anything. Money from bus stations and markets was their bonus together with their bosses. Do you hear of such things anymore? You also avoid multiplying a PF issue into a national one. Which nation is in shock? It’s you ba PF1 who are in shock because you took things for granted, you never expected the PF2 group to do what they have done, after all this is part 2, how can we be shocked when we already saw part1 in 2014. Just find a way of sorting out yourselves otherwise the nation has nothing to do with it. Sampa is determined to win this time, he doesn’t want to give any chance to the same person who dribbled him last time. There is an adage which says; if you are bitten by a snake once, then you are very unfortunate but if you are bitten by the same snake twice, then you are a fool.

  2. I remember politely sitting in to the office of the PS Commerce in PF regime waiting to be seen when a horde of muscular PF idiots bulged in and asked the secretary emo ali uyu and still bulged into the PSs office who was meeting other people and started forcing and threatening him into signing a document they had without giving him time to read and understand the content. Which is why I believe certain civil servants are before courts today because of the idiotic caderism bought in by Lungu’s PF.

    And surely today an idiot stands up to vilify professionals as cadres? STUPID IDIOT.

  3. Losing position of leader of opposition is bitter. Mundubile has lost his sense of judgment, he’s become disoriented and delusional.

  4. This is what is fascinating. It seems grade Twelve certificate is not sufficient enough for our MPs to adequately and professional handle matters as intricate as these.

    Understandably It is a minimum requirement as already indicated but should not be the only prerequisite. That’s why we are where we are now. We need learned leaders who can professionally and objectively analyze complex and sophisticated issues. A rubber stamp only endorses a position to appease those who place such weak MPs on public seats.

    We need strong reasoning individuals who will say no to illogical political processess that seek to serve the aspirations of one individual at the expensive of the whole country.

    Most leaders in the opposition are not able to appropriately identify the source of the problem. Whether it is deliberately and ignorantly, we the citizens are at a total loss to understand their confusions.

    Just like here, a learned leader is advancing an unsubstantiated rumour about this imagined scheme. He does not disclose who the source is nor provide irrefutable evidence to support these claims. Hence we have no clue on the credibility of the source. Secondly he accuses a legitimately elected government of plotting to change the Zambian Constitution in an illegal manner. This is a criminal act which we the Zambians will not allow to take place because the document in question governance all of us equitably.

    Therefore these unfounded and unsubstantiated accusations merit placing this MP and his accomplices on defense in the courts of law. To prove their case.

    These disparaging remarks are meant to deliberately tarnish the image of the current administration. Such careless utterances should not be allowed to take place. We urge this government to correct this behaviour and demand for civil politics.

    This tendency of lies and outbursts of distorted and unsubstantiated claims by disgruntled politicians should not be taken for granted. They are making alarming statements which will be difficult to deal with when such lies are believed by the unsuspecting masses.

    Let’s hold our leaders accountable for their statements. Soon this will place a demand on politicians to be factual.

    So, far we don’t have a crisis as a country. The crisis is in the PF which is unfortunately one of the opposition political party. It happens to be the strongest and biggest of the opposition political parties.

    Infact the PF party is intact as we can see. Truth is the crisis is that there are two factions that have imaged due to the internal squabbles within PF. This means the are not short of leaders to lead the party. It is only that there is an internal fight to decide who is the legitimate and official person to be presented to everyone of in the whole country. This is where we are

    Realistically speaking if the embattled party so wishes to find their preferred MP candidates that is their prerogative and not the business of either this government or the citizens. Just it’s members who can express their desires through a ballot vote.

    Therefore sort out your internal mess and keep the rest of us the outsiders out of it.

    Finally I think it about time UPND as a party begin to place some of these loud mouth accusing individuals on their defence in the courts of law. Let’s find out if they can legally confirm what they are insinuating.

  5. I don’t know if it’s just me or of late Mr. Kampongo seem to make more sense when he speaks than Mr. Mundubile. I used to think Mr. Mundubile was more learned than Mr. Kampongo but of late the later seem to be more mature and reasonable in his speeches. Of late Mr. Mundubile seem to be more unreasonable than I expected him to be.
    I have watched in parliament were Mr. Mundubile has behaved like spoiled child on several occasions instead of him showing some levels of discipline despite any provocation he think has received.

  6. I reckon as a nation we must start pushing HH to get tougher on these goons. They are ranting their buccal diarrhoea far to much. What this Mundubile guy is saying has made me lose respect for him. He is a cadre of OF himself!!! Does he even understand the term he is vociferously ventilating on??? Well shows the IQ I guess.

    HH needs three 7 year terms and I would advocate for this just for him only. We had Mwanawasa and in his boundless kindness, the LORD has given us this one. As a mortal man, he may have his failures and frailties but guys let us not be swayed by these vultures hungry for our innocent carcasses.

    Who has forgotten what he and his cohorts did to us just a few bad years ago????

    Mwailasha we are not going to be cheated by you. And because of your rantings, I will help Miles Sampa in any way I can to be OF president with his fellow young men and women so that they bring fresh air in Michael Chilufya Sata’s own party. All these vultures were in MMD and learned the art of stealing from Chiluba as his brigands. Some like the Lubinda guy were in UPND, even ECL himself!!! Career politicians no brain….start businesses and get busy people you had your chance why cling on to the manger????

  7. Mr Mundubile, How does this ranting and raving help you? Do you not think you should pondering your decision this month end? Which faction will stand with? By- elections in caused by PF are inevitable whichever way the post November decision goes. If I were you I would scheming on how to swing the decision my way. But then I am not you.

    • It is also amazing how you know everything that the President plans to do but you had NO CLUE WHATSOEVER what was happening in your own party. What does that say about your capabilities as a leader?


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