Call for the Resignation of the Inspector General of Police

Inspector General of Police Graphel Musamba!
Inspector General of Police Graphel Musamba!

Call for the Resignation of the Inspector General of Police

We, the undersigned Christian Coalition Zambia, are deeply concerned about the recent actions and
conduct of the Zambia Police Service under the
leadership of Mr. Grapheal Musamba.

It is with great dismay that we observe a pattern of bias and partisanship in the enforcement of law and order, which runs contrary to the principles enshrined in the
constitution and the rights of the Zambian people.

We take interest particularly in your directive that you will not allow political parties to hold rallies, which is a fundamental right of any political party in a democratic
system like ours
As the highest-ranking law enforcement officer in the
country, it is imperative that the Inspector General of
Police remains impartial and upholds the rule of law without prejudice or favoritism.

However, it has become
increasingly apparent that your allegiance seems to lie with the government rather than with the sacred duty of
protecting and serving all citizens equally.

The role of the police is to safeguard the rights and
liberties of every Zambian, regardless of their political affiliation or beliefs.

Regrettably, your actions have undermined this fundamental duty, eroding public trust in the institution and perpetuating a climate of fear and injustice.

In light of these grave concerns, we call upon you to tender your resignation from the position of Inspector
General of Police on moral ground.
It is our firm belief that a leader who is unable to discharge their responsibilities
with fairness and integrity has lost the moral authority to
continue in such a critical role.

We urge you to reflect on the gravity of the situation and
act in the best interests of the nation.

The resignation of
the current Inspector General of Police is necessary to
restore confidence in the impartiality and credibility of the
Zambia Police Service, and to reaffirm the commitment to
upholding the constitution and the rights of all Zambian people.

We trust that you will consider this request with the utmost
seriousness and take the appropriate course of action for the greater good of our beloved country.


  1. This old man is an embarrassment. While it is understandable that he was pulled out of poverty after being retired, his allegiance should not be to the political party but the people of Zambia and to uphold the constitution.

  2. Ati Christian Coalition Zambia, pf cadres led by lucifer banda and satana mpundu should be embarrassed to call themselves men women of cloth. Just focus of Miles Sampa and stop disrupting the IG in his work. You first resign yourselves and stop embarrassing the pulpit!!!

    • Ulichipiba sana aai? Iwe taulemona the happenings in the police force from the time this guy took over office? U are an imbarancement to this country and your father should be ashamed of you for having a child like you. You support everything even wrong things…Let me tell you injustice is bad if you dont know.

      • Ulichipumbu fuma from your pf cesspool ipipeni, when all cleaned get your lucifer banda and that senile bishop satana to bath and shut up about the IG and police! Uletsha???

  3. The I.G. is not a fool to deny permits to some of these groups. Neither does he do it out of spite or malice. Intelligence may alert him of a threatening security breach that is being planned if the meeting takes place. Lives could be lost and the same people will critise him. Please the church should also stop being political and on the side of wrong doers also.

  4. Kukweba,
    You know there is no credible evidence to suggest or support what this international gorilla is doing or subjecting the citizens to. Zambians want to meet and discuss issues affecting them.
    Raphael must know that, in future people from different parts of Zambia will sue him for denying them the right to assemble, associate, movement as enshrined in the constitution of Zambia. I really feel pit for this dude of what his life will be after 2026 and how karma will come to haunt him.

    The minister of home affairs, knows this kind of announcement must come from him or Government spokesperson or home affairs spokesperson and not a police officer.


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