Cosmas Musumali
Cosmas Musumali


….questions why Cornelius Mweetwa has not been arrested after being reported to the police for promoting hate speech

LUSAKA——- Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024

THE Socialist Party (SP) General Secretary, Dr. Cosmas Musumali, has condemned the characterization of Barotseland as nonexistent, terming it an affront to the faithful voters of Western Province.

Highlighting the significance of Barotseland to the people of Western Province, Dr. Musumali emphasized that dismissing its existence was disrespectful to faithful voters.

He urged recognition of Barotseland’s historical and cultural significance, emphasizing that its existence predates Zambia itself.

And Musumali questioned the lack of action against a Chief Government spokesperson reported for promoting hate speech during the 2021 election.

He highlighted the gravity of the situation, citing remarks allegedly made to engineer insults against a named tribal grouping for political gain.

“You find a whole minister, this is a government spokesperson, actually saying, we engineered a situation where the Tonga people had to be insulted so that sympathy can accrue to us. Listen to it carefully. Here is a government that says, actually, we paid the people so that they could insult our constituency so that sympathy can come to us. And what did Fred M’membe do? Fred M’membe reported to the police. It’s a crime. Has that person been arrested? Has that person been fired? The answer is no,” He said.

“So, how does the bitterness come in. Those Tonga people that are being insulted, what have they done wrong to the UPND? This is the base of the UPND. They have been faithful voters. People of Western province have been faithful voters. You go somewhere without being provoked, you are telling them you don’t exist, Barotseland doesn’t exist. And all that Fred M’membe says is, look here, Barotseland has been there even before Zambia. What are you talking about?”

Meanwhile, Dr. Musumali debunked claims made by the United Party for National Development (UPND) that his party’s President, Dr. Fred M’membe, was bitter.

He asserted that Dr. M’membe’s efforts to highlight government shortcomings were crucial in providing checks and balances on behalf of the people.

Dr. Musumali emphasized Dr. M’membe’s empathy towards the Zambian populace, particularly in addressing issues such as poverty and corruption.

He underscored Dr. M’membe’s role as a spokesperson for the voiceless and criticized attempts to label him as bitter, stating that it undermines the intelligence of the masses.

Dr. Musumali reiterated the Zambian masses’ awareness of the government’s failures and urged authorities to address concerns raised by the SP leader and many others.


  1. No one said there is no Barotseland. There is a region with that name. Just as there is a Muchinga Province. And an Eastern Province.

    There is definitely NO INDEPENDENT state of Barotseland. Only and idiot can not acknowledge this simple fact.

    They use Zambian kwacha in the region called Barotseland. The Zambian civil service operates there. The Litunga is on GRZ payroll. He is driven by a GRZ driver in a GRZ donated Land Cruizer VX.

    Failing to provide alternative ideas to the one’s being implemented by the ruling party, the fake opposition is now on a path of character assassination, blatant misinformation and shameless lies.

    • Exactly my thoughts.

      This is a very sensitive issue which government and the relevant parties are handling in a civilised and amicable manner.

      There is no need for third parties to attempt to gain political mileage out of such a sensitive matter.

  2. If I can understand how these Socialist Party politicians seemingly with big heads basically that are basically empty.
    Who says there is no Barotseland, Ba SP seem not to understand the constitution of Zambia: WE ALL KNOW THAT BAROTSELAND IS THERE BUT NOT AS A PROTECTORATE BUT AS ONE OF THE 10 PROVINCES OF ZAMBIA called Western Province. The constitution says Zambia is a Unitary State. No one is saying there is no Barotseland.

  3. Mr. Musumali, are you telling us that you are also a dull politician like some, Barotseland can exist or it exists as a Province and not as a country. We have been independent for almost sixty years now, you mean you still don’t know that Zambia is a unitary state and has ten Provinces after creating Muchinga? Which school did you go to? Moreover the issue of Barotseland is being handled with capable hands, discussions have been initiated and it’s our hope that very soon it will be resolved once and for all. It’s better to seek political mileage somewhere away from Barotseland.

  4. No one said Baroseland doesn’t exist. HH said there is no Country called Baroseland. Musumali lacks basic intelligence and logic and yet he is called Dr! Dr of what?…Faces?

  5. What we know is that BAROTSELAND is and in Western Province.

    Western Province is one of the ten Provinces of Zambia and in Zambia. PERIOD!

    We have a number of projects that are being implemented in Western Province ( BAROTSELAND or Lozi land ) and quite a number of government Ministers operating fully in Western Province with full ,Zambian citizens from within the Province and Country who are working together as one without any problem. Additionally, we have a number of Ministers in the government of the Republic of Zambia from BAROTSELAND – Western Province who are doing extremely well for mother Zambia very appreciated by us all.

    There’s BAROTSELAND in Western Province just as there is Luvaleland or Bembaland in North- Western and Northern Provinces respectively which are provinces found in a Country called Zambia.


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