Calls for Lungu to pay back nonsensical – Nakachinda


Calls for Lungu to pay back nonsensical – Nakachinda

Raphael Nakachinda has described calls by some sections of society that former president Edgar Lungu should pay back the money he got from the government when he announced his retirement from active politics as nonsensical.

Featuring on Kapiri Mposhi based KBC Radio Station, Nakachinda, who is the PF faction secretary general, said those calling Lungu to pay back all the money he got from government are doing so out of emotions and from a shallow point of view.

“Retirement from active politics should be interpreted correctly. From the time that president Edgar Lungu left office, he has never been in active politics. So those assertions are nonsensical and are coming from individuals with emotions and shallow points of view,” Nakachinda said.

He argued that Edgar Lungu had opted to announce his return to active politics in a bid to save the country from the shrinking democracy by the UPND…


  1. Nakachinda you can’t even define what active politics mean in line with the constitution. Holding a political position in any club means you’re active


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