Can Edgar Lungu Manage To Wrestle Power As An Opposition Leader While He Failed To Maintain It As A Sitting President?



By Independent Observer

If there is someone who has finally managed to put the last nail in the PF coffin, it’s Former President Edgar Lungu himself once again.

I am very sure Edgar Lungu is really wasting time for the possible vibrant PF new leadership (if they have any at all).

PF members will soon realise how lazy and actually coward Edgar Lungu is in fighting for anything, especially power. My prediction is that not long from now, Edgar Lungu will simply retire from active politics and possibly seek reconciliation with President Hakainde Hichilema from a very weak position.

The PF leadership soon be in more vulnerable and weaker position as Edgar Lungu will abandon them leaving them in more quarrels.

Truth be told, Edgar Lungu lacks charismatic leadership, stamina and political appeal to wrestle power from anyone.

Edgar is a person who really happens to have found himself in a advantageous position at the death of late President Michael Sata. It is a well known fact in the PF circles that at the time President Sata got sick, he made strategic changes in the party and put someone like Edgar Lungu at the helm because he was less of a threat and had no ambition at all.

The true PF leaders know that Edgar Lungu was merely handed over the 2015 Presidency while he grabbed the 2016 elections by force using incumbency and state machinery. Remember how likes of Kaizar Zulu were running around stealing ballot papers and then Gen 12 results certificates. Remember how some boy was caught manipulating figures in the computer servers at Mulungushi Conference Centre plus all manner of thuggery and violence that led to the death of UPND members like Mapenzi Chibulo during campaigns?

Edgar was just a lucky guy who got his presidency on a silver plata. It’s laughable how anyone in PF today think that the Edgar Lungu who lost elections with a huge margin while in power can hope to win it while in opposition.

And by coincidence, the same former MMD leaders like Raphael Nakachinda, Bowman Lusambo and a few others who killed the MMD are once again the same stooges hanging around Edgar Lungu purely for survival.

The earlier the PF leadership realise that Edgar is wasting their time the better. What message will Edgar really sell to the Zambian people using which platforms while he failed using the entire state machinery as a sitting President?

Actually Edgar is basically destabilising the entire opposition political parties because they think they can rally around a man who has no clout to achieve anything anymore. Instead of trying to mobilise their small tutemba parties, they are trying to fight for Edgar who will just abandon them soon


  1. He has already abandoned them as we speak…..!!
    He went mute. You will NEVER hear Edgar giving PUBLIC SPEECH AGAIN. It’s done and dusted….!!

  2. Well articulated. Edgar lungu is not president material. While in power he was scared to meet the press cz he had nothing intelligent to say. He had no solutions but to throw money everywhere thinking he was winning support. He is more comfortable around bootlickers , crooks , conmen and thugs. He had zero knowledge of the economy, couldn’t engage in powerful meetings with high powered delegations…the man is simply washed out. If we wants further embarrassment let him continue in active politics.


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