Davis Mataka

Chishimba Kambwili never learns, He has this time around porked a hornets nest whose wrath he will endure on his own. He will wreath in pain as the sting of the venom wrecks havoc on his political existence.

He has been unleashed like a Rottweiler to cause confusion on the electorate by sowing seeds of hate and ethnic profiling so unprecedented and on a magnitude never seen post independence.
His masters have also elected to allow him enough rope to hang himself as he huffs and puffs all the way to self destruction and a miserable end to a political career that will haunt him forever. And all this is happening while his puppeteers cheer him on at a safe distance from the terraces.

Without self pity and shame, he has embarked on an unimaginable crusade to undo that which our forefathers painstakingly set out to erase from our slate of nationhood in uniting the over 73 tribes that we today call Zambia.

Etched by those who scrambled to partition Africa for their insatiable greed to plunder the immense wealth which lay unperturbed, they crafted the borders of this nation without consultation with the natives of the land; indiscriminately cutting across large ethnic settlements that had existed for millennia.

With no option, our liberators accepted their fate and adopted all the people that were caught up within Zambia. Within these borders, our fore fathers made a concious decision to co-exist as one.

It has taken years to inculcate this sense of belonging from which was birthed the popular slogan One Zambia One Nation. All 73 plus tribes have down the line accepted this reality and forged together in nation building.

Over time, we have inter married, we work and live in the same communities. Our little day to day squabbles have rarely been marked by our ethnic diversity, tribal borders or difference in language or culture. As any closely knit family unit, we differ, but we have also learnt to resolve our matters on a round table and surged forward.

This ability as a people has been looked upon with envy and cherished by many beyond our borders, affectionately rewarding our nation the term a bastion of love and peace.
But woe to us, in a feat of grief and anguish, we awaken to to the stark reality of the passing of the grand architect of this master plan called Zambia. Dr. Kenneth David Buchizya Kaunda. At 97, no more. Gone to be with the lord.

All we are left in the grasp of our hands is his ever binding slogan of nationhood, One Zambia One Nation, Tiyende Pamodzi and a legacy as a Peace maker.
And so the question begs, does this spell the beginning of the end of the glue which binded us together as one people?

We need to remain steadfast and resolute to counter some spineless sponsored individuals who have been conscripted to undo that which KK and his team fought to achieve for many years.
The likes of Chishimba Kambwili have in the past week or so traversed the length and breadth of northern Zambia and block by block made desperste attempts to dislocate what our forefathers have painstakingly put together.

His campaign trail is fraught with alarming, divisive language bordering on tribal talk, instigating would be voters to embrace hate and violence against other tribes. He has been spewing invective on political foes like Mr. Hakainde Hichilema of the UPND in a manner that is totally unacceptable by any moral standard.

What is shocking is that the political party he speaks for, the PF, has remained mute over his plot and has allowed him free space to poison the minds of some of those gullible and impressionable to such uncouth vibe.

Nobody in the PF has censured Kambwili’s rabid rantings as he boasts of unfettered freedom to howl. Or can somebody, anybody challenge me to that fact.

The UPND Alliance and it’s leader Hakainde Hichilema and other opposition parties keenly watch his futile attempts to enhialate our national character, which plot will sooner than later boomerang in his face.

Zambians are too smart to be swayed by the rantings of a political destitute.
We as Zambians refuse to be drawn into drawing daggers against fellow brothers, we refuse to be used as pawns in a brawl which for all intents and purposes is to win a vote and for his own survival and for political expidiency.
At what price?

The plot is doomed to fail miserably because who today is willing to rise against his or her spouse in inter marriages? Who today is willing to ostracise his nieces or nephews because they are born for example, of a Bemba father and a Luvale or Tonga mother?

Even as this expedition of shame is hell bound and doomed to fail, the concern is that it may leave in its wake a trail of blood death and destruction.
Those who will bear the brunt are you and I, the ordinary people. Mr. Kambwili will be drinking tea in London with his family.

Get off your high horse and let reason reign for once Mr. Kambwili.
As Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall and Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the Kings horses and all the Kings men will not just fail but refuse to put you up again.

Mark my words, The Hague is calling. You will be deserted by all you today call a family because they at least have a concious and have deliberately stayed arms length,away from all the gibberish you are regurgitating. This because when the s…t hits the fan, they will be in safe havens or at least making deals for their own safe passage with the new masters on the block.

What we are saying may seem so far fetched but in case Mr. Kambwili has already forgotten, the atrocities of Rwanda are a clear testimony of how such careless talk can cause so much upheaval death and destruction in a very short space of time.
Whatever you say and do is going on record and the euphoria you think you are riding on will soon sizzle down. Your time for reckoning will surely come if you do not change your trajectory.

At least for the sake of the peace and tranquillity that you have personally enjoyed over the years, courtesy of Kenneth David Buchizya Kaunda (MHSRIP) man up and say no to the script of destruction that you have been given to read off. Or if you are doing it at your own instigation, get back to the drawing board and plot your co ordinates towards a more simplistic, loving tone of One Zambia One Nation.

The KK white handkerchief you claim to be as clean and spotless as, has been tainted with your froth and for the sake of posterity, you need to redeem himself.

For the legend of the great KK who throughout his adult life fought for Love, Justice, equal rights, peace, Mr. Kambwili please take a chill pill.


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