CANCELATION OF OVER 2, 500 MINING LICENSES BY GOVT WORRIES ESMAZ….wonders who the government wants to give these licenses to



….wonders who the government wants to give these licenses to

Lufwanyama… Thursday April 4, 2024 (SMART EAGLES)

The Emeralds and Semi – Precious Stones Mining Association of Zambia (ESMAZ) has expressed concern following a decision by the Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development to cancel over 2, 500 mining licenses for small scale miners.

Association President Victor Kalesha wonders who the government wants to give these licenses to.

Mr Kalesha said this is worrying because some officers at the Ministry wants to give these licenses to foreign companies at the expense of the local people.

“We are extremely worried at the overzealous officers st the Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development especially cadastre department who are disadvantaging Zambians in the threats that have been going on all the times trying to dig out certain laws that will have them grab mining licenses from the Zambians. It is very unfortunate because currently, it seems people are geared in wanting to exert pressure on the Republican President or the UPND government by bringing in issues that are contentious and make people react in a way that everything heads towards State House,” he told Smart Eagles.

“It is obvious that there are officers in those offices who ill advise government on certain statutory requirements that needs engagement. We are worried if they are able to rise up and say they are canceling 2000 plus licenses for Zambians and who do they want to give them to? This is worrying because, we know that some officers are geared in wanting to give these licenses to foreign investors or foreign companies.”

Mr Kalesha said it is confusing because when President Hichilema visited Lufwanyama last year, he made it clear that he wanted these licenses to be given to Zambian companies.

In accordance with Section 72 of the Mines and Minerals Development Act No. 1 1 of 2015, 2, 605 mining and non-mining rights were cancelled by the Mining Licensing Committee (MLC) at its 78th meeting for non-compliance to conditions of grant of the mining and non-mining rights which were clearly highlighted in the default notices that were circulated on 24th October, 2023 and did not take remedial measures to the satisfaction of the Committee.


  1. It is obvious who Hakainde will give these licences to. He has his own foreign white masters to please.

    Vote wisely in 2026.

  2. Why were licences cancelled? You are not tell us why?
    Permenant Secretaries have been fired over this issue and if they were in the right, they would have sued. It has been reported about the manner people were holding licences without any progress or investment. So explain why the licences were cancelled.
    The former Minister of Foriegn affairs resigned over selling an company or licence to an investor. How was he awarded the licence and when; if he had no capacity or experience in mining? A Chief on the Copperbelt was found with $US 5,000,000 not kwacha bane, Dollars after having sold his licence to another Investor. How did the chief obtain that licence? When was the licence issued?
    When the questions posed are answered, you will find a thread. And that thread opened a can of worms….


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