Carroll plans to invest $83 million on “something Trump hates”

E Jean Carroll said some of the jurors smiled at her

E Jean Carroll wants to use some of the $83. 3 million she won in her case against former President Donald Trump to spend on something that he doesn’t like.

She was very scared to go to court against Mr. Trump, but when she saw him, her fear went away.

Before the trial, a judge decided that Mr. Trump had hurt her reputation by saying that her accusation of sexual assault against him was not true.

He was held responsible last year for sexually abusing Ms. Carroll in the 1990s. The jury did not believe that she was raped.

Mr Trump said he will try to change the court’s decision because he believes it is very unfair.

Ms Carroll, who is 80 years old, said to ABC News on Monday that she wants to give the money to something that Donald Trump doesn’t like.

“If giving money to certain things will hurt him, then that’s what I want to do. ”

The writer of the magazine recommended using the money to help women who were sexually attacked by Donald Trump.

Many women have said that the old president hurt them, forced them into sexual things, and bothered them sexually starting from the 1970s. He says he didn’t do anything wrong.

Ms Carroll said that Mr Trump did something wrong to her in the dressing room of a fancy store in Manhattan in the 1990s.

The person being interviewed on Monday said she had a hard time eating and sleeping before the trial. She was sitting next to her lawyer, Roberta Kaplan, during the interview.

However, she said she felt less anxious when she saw him in court.

“I saw outside,” she said. “He was there, and it seemed like he had nothing on – like an emperor with no clothes. ”

Ms Carroll told ABC that some of the people who make decisions in the court smiled at her when they left. They decided to give her $18. 3m to make up for her losses and $65m as punishment.

“It made me cry because they looked into my eyes for the first time,” she said.

Mr Trump, who is 77 years old, has to start paying Ms. Carroll, as stated by her lawyer, unless there is an appeal.

Ms Kaplan said that Mr Trump would need to get a bond so he doesn’t have to pay all of the $83. 3 million at once.

However, he would also need to borrow a large amount of money from a bank and pay interest on it.

Mr Trump could also just put $83. 3 million in the court.

Last year, he had to pay $5. 5 million for saying bad things about Ms Carroll. He paid all the money.

If he doesn’t do what he’s supposed to, Ms Carroll can start collecting money right away. Ms Kaplan said she is sure he will eventually pay.


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