KALUSHA BWALYA’S bid to return to the Football Association of Zambia has hit a snug.

This follows the Court of Arbitration for sports move to toss away his case after Bwalya’s failure to pay k210, 000 for the case to go ahead.

CAS Finance Director Miguel Abelairas on Friday last week wrote to Bwalya asking him to pay the CHF 11,000 so that the Football Association of Zambia was supposed to pay but didn’t pay or else the whole case would be deemed withdrawn.

After the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) threw out Bwalya’s to suspend proceedings in the arbitration case, CAS has asked Bwalya to pay k210, 000 within a week or have his can thrown out.

“I refer to my letter dated 11th March 2020 in which the Court of Arbitration for Sport fixed the advance of costs to be paid by the Parties. Please be advised that the Respondent has not paid its share of the advance of costs,”read the letter in parts

Sources close to Bwalya say the 1998 football icon has failed to pay the money but could not state the reasons.

“CAS has confirmed that hearing will not take place as the deposit has not been made, “said the source.

Meanwhile CAS has given Bwalya a further two weeks to raise the funds and pay the K210,000 by May 30, 2020, but however CAS has rejected kalusha’s request to have the case suspended indefinitely to allow other processes such as the court cases going on in Zambia.


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