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Cash bonanza has hit the pockets of Eastern Province traditional leaders during President Edgar Lungu’s ongoing campaigns in the area.

Well placed sources in the traditional establishment in the Province, PF officials and government officials have collaborated information with Daily Revelation media that chiefs and headmen are being paid money, with three chiefs in Lundazi told to travel to Lusaka to get three vehicles.

Sources said the chiefs in Chipata were paid K5000 each, with one receiving over K250,000, and that the 42 headmen who were gathered at Anoya Zulu school were paid K500 each.

The sources said the amounts received by the chiefs in Lundazi were increased to K10,000 each, plus the promise of vehicles to some.

“The plan is to turn up vote margins in areas like Eastern Province, therefore the headmen have more or less been appointed as campaign managers as they are the ones who interact face to face with the people,” sources said. “The boss himself promised them, when a headman Jere complained about the difficulties they were experiencing, the boss said he would instruct that they be paid through the social cash transfer.”

The other promise given to the traditional leaders is that each headman in the Province will receive a bicycle to help with their movements.

“This whole campaign here is tainted with corruption. The boss seems determined to win the 2021 elections at all cost. We are just wondering where all this money is coming from. We hope the Bank of Zambia is not printing extra money out of circulation as the people feared with the appointment of Christopher Mvunga,” the sources said. “In our view, the boss is more preoccupied with winning the election despite the challenges being experienced in the country, like the shameful label of being labeled debt defaulters.”

However, the sources said the Chewa chiefs who are aligned with paramount chief Gawa Undi have not been forthcoming with with the pay for play games in the whole scheme.
And the sources said paramount chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people of Eastern Province is today celebrating 38 years on the throne. However, some traditionalists have taken issue with that.

“He’s holding an anniversary celebrating 38 years on the throne. It’s interesting how resources were sourced to carry out such a demanding undertaking, because it’s not just celebrating, those celebrations come with other expenditures like feeding the people and just the huge task of organising the event,” the sources said. “He has invited Archbishop George Lungu of Chipata Diocese to bless the occasion. However, our understanding is that celebrations should be held after sequences like 10, 20, 30, 40 years. We wonder why the occasion is being celebrated in the 38th year.”

When contacted for comment this morning, the Mpezeni said he could not comment as the ceremony celebrating his 38 years on the throne was already underway.
Calls to chief Magodi of Lundazi too went unanswered.
Credit: Daily Revelation



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