In recent weeks, 3 Copperbelt PF MP’S, Kampamba Mulenga of Kalulushi, Joe Malanji of Kwacha and Richard Musukwa of Chililabombwe have allegedly donated expensive buses to the community.

These buses cost a whooping $300,000 each when acquired, at the current exchange rate that’s K6 Million per bus.

One would wonder where Kampamba Mulenga earned K12 Million to donate that easily in 3 years of being a minister.

What company does she have that generates that profit?

Can all 3 of them show us the income tax and VAT they have remitted to ZRA in recent years to show their profitability?

Why were they incapable of making such donations a few years ago but now they are swimming in an ocean of money at the same time the country is failing to pay it’s debts?

Secondly who did they donate these buses to, can they show the people in whose name the White Books these vehicles are registered?

We can assure you that these are not donations, no one has ever received the donations.

Every donation must have a donor and a recepient, in this case there’s no recipient.

These buses are owned by themselves, registered to themselves and meant to trick the people.

They haven’t donated to anyone.

The buses are for campaign purposes and after the 2021 elections these buses will be rebranded and will start running the local routes charging people from Kitwe to Lusaka or Chililabombwe to Nakonde.


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