CCC Vice President’s Cryptic Tweets Following Chamisa’s Second Defeat to Mnangagwa Stir Controversy and Curiosity


CCC Vice President ‘s Cryptic Tweets Following Chamisa’s Second Defeat to Mnangagwa Stir Controversy and Curiosity

Welshman Ncube, one of the Vice Presidents of the Citizens for Change Coalition (CCC), has been causing confusion among the party’s supporters due to his recent statements.

After the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) declared Emmerson Mnangagwa from Zanu PF as the elected President, defeating CCC’s Nelson Chamisa, Ncube started sharing cryptic messages on his Twitter account.

A Tribute to Tsvangirai: CCC Vice President’s Cryptic Tweets
Following his party’s presidential candidate’s second consecutive defeat by Mnangagwa, Ncube shared a quote that he says was often said by the late opposition icon Morgan Tsvangirai. He wrote,

“One of the late Morgan Tsvangirai’s ( may his soul rest in eternal peace) favourite expressions was the qoute generally attributed to Albert Einstein that: ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.’”

Calls for Fresh Elections: Ncube’s Enigmatic Twitter Post
On Tuesday after the CCC called for fresh elections, Welshman Ncube shared yet another cryptic post that left social media users scratching their heads even more.

“So, so much smoke. So many, many mirrors!!!,” the CCC Vice President wrote again on his Twitter account.

Deciphering the Riddles: Twitter Users Respond
In the comments section, Twitter users attempted to decipher the meaning behind the message. Some urged the esteemed professor to communicate directly rather than in riddles so that the intended audience may understand what it is he is saying. Here are some of the comments:


In my mother’s language, Duma dialect of Zaka in Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe 🇿🇼, this message is loaded. Vane zheve vazvihwa……😉😉


Prof, may you demystify the Riddle… It’s been riddle after riddle.


In short we are being made to believe something is being done or true when it is not. Prof is saying a lot in a few words.


Tinodudzira kune vanenge vasina kuinzwa zvadimikira brick by brick….something that seems good but is not real or effective and that is done especially to take attention away from something else that is embarrassing or unpleasant. The new proposal brings no real changes—


All the time you say riddles that can be interpreted for zpf or CCC . Don’t know what you trying to do my leader. MY 2 cents advice stick together until the price is won even the 2nd chimurenga was chaotic but they won the objective.Zpf is always unchartered territory


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