CDF HAS FAILED TO REDUCE POVERTY – Chachacha President Eric Chanda

Eric Chanda


THE opposition Chachacha Party has observed that Zambians are still facing high poverty levels despite the increased Constituency Development Fund-CDF.

Party President, Eric Chanda, notes that the increased CDF presented government the chance to reduce poverty levels.

He however observes that this is not the case as ruling party Members of Parliament have allegedly failed to educate their electorates on how resources are being implemented.

Featuring on Byta FM’s Hot Potato programme, Saturday, Chanda reiterated that much as he doesn’t agree with some of the decisions that have been made by government, increased CDF remains one of the best achievements under President Hakainde Hichilema’s leadership.

He however regretted that CDF is poorly implemented by those authority.

Chanda cited a situation where commodity prices are still skyrocketing, lack of capital for small scale traders and erratic supply of clean water, as some of the challenges that should have been eradicated using CDF.

And Chanda further stated that Zambians are still grappling with high unemployment levels, saying government should stop boasting about job creation.

He said that under his party, job creation will be a priority through the integration of the agriculture sector into the country’s defense forces, with Zambians imparted with skills to contribute to the growing of maize for export.

Chanda noted that the UPND government has for a long time now been talking about job creation but have only employed a fraction as evidenced from the high number of applicants that were unsuccessful from the recent civil service recruitments.

But UPND Southern Province Spokesperson, Neto Halwabala, has urged opposition political parties in the country to desist from what he termed as misleading statements aimed at misleading citizens on national issues.

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