By Michael Kaluba in Kitwe

Copperbelt Energy Corporation –CEC- Managing Director Owen Silavwe says it will be difficult for any third party to use the company infrastructure without a contract or agreement to supply Konkola Copper Mines, a mine that already owes the firm over US$144 million in unpaid debt.

Mr. Silavwe says issues surrounding CEC’s power supply agreement with KCM and the bulk supply agreement with Zesco Limited have been over simplified by people who have the tendency to downplay the significance of CEC Investment into infrastructure.

He clarified that for a third party like Zesco to use CEC Infrastructure and supply KCM with power, the mine and the third party must sign the use of system agreement and the connection services agreement with CEC who owns the multi-billion us dollars infrastructure.

And on the recently issued SI number 57 of 2020 by the Ministry of Energy which has declared CEC transmission lines as common carriers, Mr. Silavwe says his team is assessing the legislation and would state its position in due course but was quick to mention that CEC is a business that must operate as a viable entity.

Meanwhile, Mr. Silavwe revealed that CEC last night restored power to KCM within hours of commencing the process of restricting supply to the mine on account of a US$144 million debt and nonexistence of a contract after government reached out for further engagement scheduled for Tuesday next week in the hope of an amicable outcome.


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