Chakwera and Chilima – Do They Deserve Another Term To Rule Malawi?


“Leadership, both as a research area and as a practical skill, encompasses the ability of an individual, group, or organization to “lead”, influence, or guide other individuals, teams, or entire organizations. “Leadership” is a contested term.” – Wikipedia

Malawi is a country that is on the verge of collapse, facing many economic challenges ranging from huge debts, poor leadership, and expenditure while the leaders are well qualified and we offered them a good package.

On the contrary, they will soon finish making this nation poor by doing literally nothing but implementing bad policies for the country.

My question today is does the President and his Vice really deserve another tell of office with all that they are doing to the economy of Malawi?

The President is both the head of state and head of government of Malawi, and Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces. Under the Constitution, the President is responsible for the execution and enforcement of the laws created by Parliament.

According to a well-known study of presidential character, some common leadership qualities that successful presidents appear to have in common are the following: A strong vision for the country’s future. An ability to put their own times in the perspective of history. Effective communication skills. It appears to me the present leadership does not possess any of the above attributes.

Now, my argument is, how do we rate President Reverend Lazarus Chakwera and his Vice President Saulos Chilima? They brought so much hope to the people of this country but they have dismally failed and brought a lot of pain instead, to the people of this nation. All they are asking from Malawians now is that we pray for them so they may rule this country well. I thought they had a manifesto of their own and they challenged that they would perform much better than the previous government. Can we consider them to be among the highest-rated leaders in Malawian history today? These people are simply time wasters indeed, they have nothing to offer to this nation.

Of course, the leadership qualities of great leaders must include Strategic thinking. Delegation. Communication. Integrity. Empathy. Flexibility. Enthusiasm. Unfortunately, I don’t see any of these qualities in the current leadership.

Results of the research indicate that great presidents, besides being stubborn and disagreeable, are more extroverted, open to experience, assertive, achievement striving, excitement seeking and more open to fantasy, aesthetics, feelings, actions, ideas, and values.

Unfortunately, we cannot see any of these above attributes in the current administration. If the 2020 election was to be compared with some kind of business, then I would say Malawians were scammed. They have been scammed from having three meals a day to only one meal and sometimes none at all, from expensive fuel to no fuel at all, from an affordable lifestyle to a very difficult struggling life.

In conclusion, from the lack of maize in ADMARC depots, drugs in hospitals, foreign exchange, and security challenges, we can perhaps call this a church government busy preaching, speaking in tongues, and traveling from one destination to another with no plan for action.

Surely, this is the worst of all governments that have existed in the history of Malawi. We do not need these failures anymore now!- maravipost


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