Chamisa, Biti fallout downplayed

Chamisa, Biti fallout downplayed

OPPOSITION Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has watered down rumours of fissures in the party following the recalls of Members of Parliament and councillors.

Tshabangu, the party’s self-appointed interim secretary general withdrew 15 MPs, councillors and senators, threatening to undo the gains of CCC in the August polls.

Speaking at a press conference CCC deputy spokesperson Ostallos Siziba, flanked by the party’s remaining MPs, downplayed any polarization in the opposition.

“There is no organisation without contradictions in this world. We have had debates in the party on which colour we should use. If you report that a certain leader had a different view on the colour which to use then you want to say there are fissures.

“There are no fissures, there are no contradictions, we are a democratic party, we have discourse and we defeat each other at the level of superior logic. Our difference with our opponents is that we do not criminalise holding a different view,” said Siziba.

CCC appears to be bursting in the aftermath of the disputed August elections with reports of disgruntled senior members rife.

Recently, Tshabangu called for the party to revert to 2019 leadership structures when it was MDC Alliance, giving life to purged senior members.

“This thing you are seeing is a Zanu-PF issue, Zanu-PF attacking the authentic opposition. All signs are clear CCC defeated Zanu-PF in this election. We reject the election results because we are very clear that it’s not only a CCC issue.

“They are going after CCC, we are being punished for defeating Zanu-PF. It is an engineered programme by Zanu-PF to try and destroy the authentic opposition in this country. We are very clear that we are not going to accept that. We remain focused. Our objective is to attain political power and govern differently. They do not want people who govern with a difference,” added Siziba.

CCC also professed ignorance over a letter that emerged Wednesday of Maxwell Omen Murindagomo claiming to be interim chairman and firing Tshabangu.

“I do not know that person. I am sure you have followed CCC. I am sure you have not heard that name. CCC does not know the said person,” said Siziba.

Source – NewZimbabwe


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