Chamisa opens up on CCC future


Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Nelson Chamisa is putting on a brave face despite a sustained onslaught against the party by opponents seeking to snatch the organisation from him.

Chamisa urged his supporters not to despair after he suffered two setbacks within two days over the status of his candidates ahead of the February 3 by-elections.

The opposition leader is battling for control of the party, which he formed in January 2021 after the MDC Alliance was snatched from him by Douglas Mwonzora.

CCC secretary-general Sengezo Tshabangu has destabilised Chamisa’s CCC and recalled several of its councillors, Members of Parliament (MPs) and senators.

By-elections to fill their posts were held on December 9 last year. Another set of by-election is set for February 3, 2024.

On Friday, Chamisa suffered a severe blow after the High Court barred his re-called candidates such as interim deputy spokesperson Gift Ostallos Siziba from contesting the pending polls. This followed a High Court challenge by Tshabangu, who submitted that the recalled CCC officials had ceased to be party members following their recall.

A day earlier, the Chamisa group had lost another court bid to stop the pend-ing polls. Yesterday, Chamisa said losing control of CCC will not mark the end of the project amid indications that he was mull-ing ditching the party’s name and re-branding into a new opposition party to escape Tshabangu’s onslaught.

“Who says the CCC as it was the destination,” Chamisa replied when asked about claims that he wanted to ditch the CCC name.

“Maybe, the CCC was just a bridge, a detour…puncturing the wheels of the CCC does not mean that we will not reach our destination.

“Instead, they (opponents) are just re-directing us to the main road. “You cannot have an omelette with-out breaking an egg, and by sabotaging the CCC they are helping out to make an omelette.”

Chamisa said the CCC can easily re-brand into a new entity.

“Zimbabwe is going to have a new leadership, chosen by the people and supported by the people,” he said.

“People must be very clear and not despair.

“They will try and sabotage our journey, but, who knows, we may have many more (parties) continuing with the journey if they sabotage the CCC.”

The party’s interim deputy spokesperson first let the cat out of the bag on plans to re-launch under a new name last week.

Source – the standard


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