Dear Uncle Hon Jonas Shakafuswa, this is a picture of the President and others at the dinning room at State House taken a few year ago if I’m not mistaken.

You are also in the picture and as usual you have your jovial huge smile on showing the President a headline from the Post newspaper.

I remember well you used to be so close to the President and many times I saw pictures of you with the President on the plane when you accompanied him for national duty.

During this time, you never used to come to Facebook to rubbish the “Bad” leadership of his government, you never came to Facebook to criticize him at any time. But after such moments came to an end , we have seen you many times on Facebook condemning him and his government.

Why didn’t you do that when you used to share the same table with him for breakfast or when you used to get on the same plane with him, we never saw you post anything against him or government during those times, why now? !

Ba bipa shani ba President and his government now that you no longer wine and dine together.


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