Chaos at State House- Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba


Chaos at State House
By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba
Presidential Delivery Unit- a Tony Blair Initiative
Wherever the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change is, it encourages the setting up of both an advisory and delivery unit.
Currently both Tony Blair and Brenthurst Foundation are supporting their own advisory units and staff at State House.
Blair’s Institute has also issued job adverts for his staff in Zambia.

USAID/PEPFAR have also supported a Technical Director, an expert for Key and Vulnerable Population(mostly LGBTQ+) based at State House.

All these advisory units and technical staffs are existing alongside the constitutionally mandated advisory unit led by the Secretary to Cabinet, Principle Private Secretary and Special Assistants to the President.

The presence of numerous foreign units and unsworn officers who have not taken oath at State House is a matter of serious security concern as their personnel will be privy to classified, secret and confidential documents and meetings.


  1. Frederick Chiluba had a team from Harvard University @ the Ministry of Finance in the 1990s. The IMF, World Bank and the African Development Bank all hv resident representatives in Lusaka who hv phone numbers of key economic decision-makers in Zambia and quite frequently meet them. What’s Emmanuel Mwamba talking about?


    Chi- Emmanuel Mwamba is green with ENVY.

    You would rather be giving prostitutes such as Faith Musonda billions of dollars at the expense of hard working Zambians.

  3. Chikubabe! Soon uzazimangilila as HH and UPND Alliance continue to rule us. So far we keeping praising and thanking God for our current leaders; and are praying for justice for the atrocities and
    thieving of the past govt. Mwamba, Lusambo, Malanji, Edgar and his family and all the PF leaders and cadets that amassed wealth dubiously should surely see their day in court and be jailed.

  4. The sick psychopath called Bongobongo Brain needs to be caged. We are tired of his Insults.Surely can the President be happy with such sick supporters. Anyway Insults follow Insults. Continue Insulting our mothers and fathers. Come 2026 we will remove Insults from state House..and from the sick supporters.


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