Charlene Kabaso Mumba was never married to footballer Boyd Mkandawire a family member has revealed


Sister clears air on Charlene’s marital status

CONTRARY to social media speculation and rumors, late Charlene Kabaso Mumba was never married to footballer Boyd Mkandawire, a family member has revealed.

Charlene died in a road traffic accident on Kafue road last Saturday and was put to rest at Leopards Hill Memorial Park in Lusaka today.

The same accident left Chipolopolo star Rainford Kalaba, who was the passenger in the vehicle she was driving, critically injured and currently admitted to the University Teaching Hospital.

In the wake of the accident and mourning of the mother of two, gossip mills went into over drive with rumours that Charlene was having an affair with the 2012 AfCON winning player and cheating on Boyd Mkandawire.

But Charlene’s sister, Jennifer Kabaso refuted the rumours.

Speaking to Kalemba after Charlene’s burial, Kabaso said her sister was never married to Boyd although they had two children together.

“My sister Charlene had never been married to Boyd, no dowry was ever paid to the family although she had two sons with him. That’s why you never heard that she was married in her life history because truly my sister Charlene was never married to Boyd Mkandawire,” Kabaso explained.

“So unlike the false social media rumours, my sister was neither married nor divorced with Boyd. Yes they fell in love at some point and even had kids, but they were never married not even traditionally,” added Kabaso.

Meanwhile, in their tribute, Charlene’s siblings have described her as a free-spirited person who was the light of the family.

They said her bubbly personality and accommodative nature made a likable person with contagious laughter.

“Cha, some people call you, the golden egg, the kasuli of the family, words can not express the pain and brokenness we feel right now. It still sounds like a tale and we keep thinking it is just a bad dream. Our Charlene, the pride of the family. You were loved, you are loved and will forever be even in death.

“We cried together, we shared love and above all we laughed together and that is beyond. Charlene, may your soul rest in peace from your sisters, Constance, Isabel and Kelly your brother,” said Margret who read the tribute on behalf of her siblings.

By Buumba Mwitumwa



  1. I have seen a video of the late in a wedding dress seated in a Motor vehicle eaving peace to the camera. I wonder if that was just drama or they divorced after that wedding. Am left buffled.

    • How more stupid can you be to ask such a foolish question with answer?
      You said it yourself “Partner” Is that not the status? Just go to night school instead of making a fool of yourself. Leave Charlene’s family alone; they’re in mourning right now! Stupid arse!

  2. Tulecindika privacy yabantu .It pains to lose anything especially human life .It is she or he today ,tomorrow it will be us.Only time will tell.She was lovely and obviously the two were enjoying life in a small way.Life is too short to stress ourselves……Let her soul rest in peace !


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