Revolutionary heroes emerge from the most unlikely places.

Chellah Tukuta is an acclaimed decorated international photographer.

He may have issues he needs to work on in his private life, Afterall no one is perfect, we all have issues to deal with.

But this young man has done something very big, something very special.

He’s demonstrated extraordinary bravery by publicly taking on senior corrupt government leaders.

He’s aggressively taken them head on, and he has inspired other youths and artists to start speaking out, enough is enough!!

And the good thing about Tukuta is that he speaks with facts and irrefutable evidence, all those he has named have failed to react or take him to court, they know he’s sitting on concrete evidence that will have them convicted.

Well done Chellah, you will cement your place in Zambia’s history as one of those that led the revolution to end corruption in Zambia. – NDC


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